Incorporating STEM into your Classroom using LEGO

Sharon Moskovitz


Twitter: s_m077

Why Use LEGO with Your Students?

Ties into curriculum

Students love LEGO - students will be


Great tool for creating real life scenarios

LEGO Power Functions

What you need:

  • Battery Pack
  • Remote
  • IR Receiver
  • 2 Motors (XL Size)

Lego WeDo

10 mins

What’s In The Box?

USB hub

Distance Sensor

Tilt Sensor

Lego M-Motor

Lego pieces:


Rubber bands

Building blocks

How You Can incorporate the LEGO WeDo into the Curriculum?

Example of a Structures Project

A Challenge for Older Students

SunnyView PS is an all Special Education school near Bayview and Lawrence. Students at that school have challenges such as:

- fine motor

- walking

- communication

- playing with toys and sports

- eating and drinking

Students in intermediate and senior classes could help these students using the LEGO WeDos by creating adaptive technology, for example creating a device to help the students write or help them pick up objects.

Student Presentations

  • LEGO WeDo Lighthouses

2) LEGO WeDo Bridges

Videos to Help Get Started

Vine Videos Examples

LEGO WeDo Software

Lego Wedo Software

Need to purchase

•Limited to lego



Can be used for more than Lego

Already on many board computers

Also available through a webpage

Show how to move sprite steps using Scratch and show using LEGO WeDo

Now it is time to play!!

What did you learn?

Any Questions?

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