Dr. Gail Kist-Kline, Superintendent

Todd Petrey, Chief Operations Officer

Facility Master Plan Update

What really matters - we are growing greatness together

Facility Master Plan (same as 2014)

3 core principles:

  • Ensure that all schools are safe,
    technology-ready, and
  • Configure grade levels in a way
    that best meets the needs of
    today, and 50 years
    from now.
  • Reduce operating costs while recouping state money for needed capital improvements.

Transition Timeline Plan

17-18: MECC & MI Design & Construction

MMS Design

18-19: MMS Construction

All PK-2 students attend MECC
All 3-4 students educated at WR
All 5-7 students & portion of 8th grade educated at MI

Portion of 8th grade & 9-12 educated at MHS

19-20: WR Closes

All PK-2 students attend MECC

All 3-6 students attend MI

All 7-8 students attend MMS

All 9-12 students attend MHS

This is the option that came out of Town Hall feedback - and we’re excited because the transition plan def got better with more input.

Transition Plan for 18-19

Values Aligned Actions

  • Equity: Ensure that MMS options don’t create perceptions of one option as better

  • Fiscal Responsibility: Ensure that transition plans are most efficient & cost-effective

  • Transparency: Ensure that staff and family concerns are heard and addressed


Built in 2006

Grades PK-2
•Add 12 classrooms

•Additional small group spaces

•Expand cafeteria

•Extend gym space

•Additional office

Spring 17: Grades PK-2 staff share ideas

17-18: Design and Construction

18-19: All PK-2 graders attend MECC

North Side

  • 2nd Grade
  • 8 First Grade Classes

South Side

  • Preschool
  • Kindergarten
  • 18 First Grade Classes


Built in 1994, Added on in 1998, 2006

Grades 3-6
•Traffic circulation


•Reconfigure common areas

•Specialized Spaces

•Additional Parking

Spring 17: Grades 3-6 staff share ideas

17-18: Design and Construction

18-19: Grades 5-7, portion of 8th graders attend MI

19-20: Grades 3-6 attend MI

18-19 Transition Plan
- MMS Section of MI will be on located on the MI-45 Side (single-story side of the building)

- Grades 5 & 6 will be located on the MI-56 side (two-story side of the building)

Permanent Plan
- 3rd & 4th grade located on the MI-45 Side (single-story side of the building)

- Grades 5 & 6 will stay on the MI-56 side (two-story side of the building.)


Built in 1959, Added on in 1967, 1989, 1987, 1997

Grades 7-8

Total Renovation
•Replace HVAC, Lights

•Technology upgrades

•New finishes & furnishings

•Roof replacement, parking lot upgrades

•Improve cafeteria space
•Improve security and building access

17-18: Design
18-19:Construction - no students

19-20: Grades 7-8 grade students attend MMS

Biggest portion of the money is being spent at MMS because this is a total renovation.

How will the 8th grade split be determined during 2018-19?

  • Equitable offerings
    • Electives like Spanish, Art, PE, Business/Tech Offerings offered in both locations of MMS 8th grade

  • Split won’t be determined by academic ability
    • Honors students split between both locations of MMS 8th grade

  • Families will be able to Preference**
    • Preference where child will attend 8th grade, or have option to attend same location as friend.
      **1st choice preference may not be available

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What happens to Western Row?

  • Will be used for 3rd & 4th grades during transition year in 18-19

  • Offlined in 19-20
    • It would cost $14M from capital budget to bring WR up to standards
    • Closing WR will save approx. $500,000 a year in operating costs

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