Welcome To CEDWARC

Washington DC, Oct 28, 2019


  • Fire exits, water fountain, restrooms
  • Wifi
  • Lunch options
  • Travel grant recipients & project staffs
    • W9 and/or Foreign National Data Form

Who Are We?

Project Team Self-Introductions

  • Virginia Tech: Zhiwu Xie and Edward A Fox
  • Los Alamos National Lab: Martin Klein
  • Old Dominion University: Michael Nelson (Shawn M. Jones)
  • George Washington University: Daniel Kerchner, Laura Wrubel
  • Internet Archive: Helge Holzmann
  • University of Waterloo: Ian Milligan (Sarah McTavish & Sam Fritz)
  • University of Minnesota: Matthew Weber
  • University of North Texas: Jiangping Chen (James Faulkner)
  • Rhizome: Anna Perricci



Workshop Structure

  • Morning: short orientation presentations on the 6 modules
  • Afternoon: your choice of 2 labs, 1 hour each, to gain hands-on experience
  • Panel discussions & wrap up



Our hosts: Daniel and Laura

Lisa Smith
Dean's Office Admin Assistant and HR Support, Virginia Tech Libraries

Fundamental Module Part 1 Recap

  • http://www.whitehouse.gov
    • On each click, many HTTP requests and responses occur (e.g., 43 transactions in this case), some of which may be dynamically initiated by the others
    • We must archive not only the files received from the server, but also when and what requests we sent, and when and what responses we received, and then use these information to recreate the web experience
    • We packages these information into WARC files, based on which web archives are built
    • Crawler do not always mimic user behavior well
    • User driven archiving process (e.g., webrecorder) may better mimic user experience
      • Anna will run a lab session on webrecorder at ~3:15PM, based on the latest feature rollout not included in the youtube videos

Fundamental Module Part 1 Recap

  • Cool things you can do with web archives
    • Time Travel with Memento

Other Logistics


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