Digital Maturity Benchmark

What marketing maturity means and how to progress it

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Consumers expect to get exactly what they want, instantly and effortlessly

Expecting to get useful advice

and answers about the big stuff

and the small stuff.

Expecting personal relevance,

even with less effort on our part.

Expecting the ability to act

right now, and get right now.




Proprietary + Confidential

Proprietary + Confidential

But many businesses aren’t there when
customers need and want them

They use insights and technology to create useful, relevant experiences at multiple moments across the purchase journey.

Companies leading the way in multi-moment marketing see 30% cost efficiency savings and a 20% increase

in revenue.

Based on our findings, we have developed a comprehensive diagnostic tool that enables businesses to advance their marketing maturity.

So, how can you make sure you don’t miss a single moment?

And it gives them a clear, sustainable competitive advantage

Only 2% of businesses make the most of digital opportunities

Boston Consulting Group and Google collaborated to analyse the current state of digital marketing, the value of improving capabilities and the roadmap to best practice and found...


Proprietary + Confidential

Proprietary + Confidential

Your roadmap to digital

marketing maturity

Based on your responses to a detailed online assessment, the Digital Maturity Benchmark generates a personalised interactive report to benchmark you and help you level up.



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Proprietary + Confidential

1. Find where you are now

Businesses at this stage work on a campaign-by-campaign basis, using external data and direct buys with limited link to sales

In these businesses, there is some use of owned data in automated buying, with single-channel optimisation and testing

At this stage, businesses have dynamic execution optimised towards a single-customer view across channels

By now, data is integrated and activated across channels with
a demonstrated link to ROI or sales proxies

Our research finds the market is widely split when it comes to maturity and businesses tend to fall into 1 of 4 stage, from Nascent to Multi-moment. Your report reveals a score pinpointing where your organisation is performing today on the Digital Maturity Scale, and how that compares to other organisations.





Proprietary + Confidential

Proprietary + Confidential

2. Dig deeper

Accurately measure and value customer touchpoints

Deliver attention-driving, intuitive experiences across digital touchpoints

Organise data to identify, understand and influence the most valuable audiences throughout the sales funnel

Reach and deliver across all inventory types and channels

Optimise marketing operations to drive profitability and growth

Improve decision-

making and results by working collaboratively across teams and with specialised partners

Your overall score is based on how your organisation measures up across 6 marketing dimensions that we have discovered drive data-driven marketing maturity. By looking into how you are performing in each of these areas,
you start to see the journey that lies ahead.

Assets and ads






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Proprietary + Confidential

3. Take action

Based on where you fall in the 6 marketing dimensions, your report provides recommendations which aim to act as a starting point for progressing your digital maturity.

You can then plan out a course of action to help you get to the next stage of maturity and realise the value of meeting customers’ needs. This is a great time to bring your agency partners into the conversation, so you can team up and built out that plan together.

Proprietary + Confidential

Proprietary + Confidential

Getting started

How many assessments does your business need to undertake? Would it benefit you to be able to measure different team’s performance and learn from each other through filling in multiple reports? Or would it be more effective to consider the entire organisation as a whole?

Who is best placed to fill in the assessment? Would it work better to fill this in individually or as a group - having gathered the right people to cover the full range of topics required?

Have you reviewed the Preparation Checklist? Do you have all the information you need and if not how can you get hold of it?




Once you’ve figured this out, jump in and start the survey. Have a question along the way, find a helping hand at

Every organisation is different by nature, so before starting your assessment, consider the following questions to determine the most effective and efficient way to complete the survey for your organisation:

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Proprietary + Confidential

Preparation checklist

  • How your marketing team is set up, how it works with other teams (such as media buying) and with external partners
  • How tailored messaging is on each of the channels you use
  • What technology platforms you use for marketing purposes such as data analysis, content management, insights generation, ad delivery and measurement
  • How you use data to create campaigns, ads and websites
  • How you monitor the quality and success of your marketing campaigns
  • How often you run marketing experiments or perform campaign audits
  • Which of your marketing processes are manual and which are automated
  • The effectiveness of your primary owned channels – in terms of loading speed and usability
  • How you build your audiences

The assessment needs to be filled in by a group or individual with a good overview of all aspects of your organisation's marketing. You can save as you go if you do need to pause to ask somebody else in your organisation for any answers.

Before you get started, make sure you have this information to hand:

Proprietary + Confidential

Proprietary + Confidential

Benchmark your business

Ready to discover how your marketing maturity measures up, plan your progress and reach more customers?

Take the Digital Maturity Benchmark

survey today!

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