Smart Footprint

We are learning how to create

a positive digital footprint.

Manaiakalani bloggers enjoy sharing their learning.

Explore some of their blogs below.

What information are Manaiakalani learners sharing on their blogs?

Click the World Map on each blog to see which countries visitors are from.

Vinolia’s blog

Teremoana’s blog

Jayden’s blog

Room 2 @ Panmure Bridge

Room 13 @ Point England

Room 10 @

Glen Innes School

Room 19 @Point England

Bradley’s blog

Room 7 @ Glenbrae School

Room 10 @ Ruapotaka School

Yvette’s Blog

Digital Footsteps @ Panmure Bridge

Harry’s blog

Jasmine’s blog

Room 6 @ Ruapotaka School

Matthew’s blog

Rūmā ono: Infographic

Use Google Draw to create an infographic that displays the types of information Henderson north bloggers share and where in the world their audience is from.

Examples of Infographics

An infographic is a visual representation of information

e.g. a chart, diagram or poster.

Insert a copy of your infographic here with a link to your original in Google Draw

San Diego City College Learing Recource City retrieve a book by Joe Crawford is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Public or Private

Making decisions about what personal information I will share online and what personal information I will keep private.

Decide whether each item of information below is personal information that you would share online or keep private.

Cut and paste to organise items under column A or B

A. Personal Information that you would share online

B. Personal Information that you would keep private

Full name (first and last)


Home address

Email address

Date of birth

How many brothers and sisters you have

Favourite band, sports team, food

Home Phone number, mobile number

The name of your pet

Parents names

Brothers and sisters names

Your first name

Favourite subjects at school

My learning goals

My strengths - what I am good at

Someone I admire

Cybersmart sharing

What is your criteria for smart sharing online?

Compare/contrast our ideas with this video.

Manaiakalani blog profiles

Before you create your blog profile explore these Manaiakalani blogger profiles

Harry’s blog profile

Joseph’s blog profile

Giovanni’s blog profile

Sylvia’s blog profile

Toby’s blog profile

Anna’s blog profile

Lauren’s blog profile

Andrea’s blog profile

Melissa’s blog profile

Nirvana’s blog profile

Fasi’s blog profile

Caleb’s blog profile

[Insert your name]- my blog posts

Share your profile with your parents. Is there anything you would like to change? Invite them to leave a comment in the notes below.

Insert your profile drawing here and delete this text box

Hyperlink this text to your blog label

My 24 hour Footprint: Record the link to every website you visit in one day (24 hours) from midday to midday.

12:00-12:50pm -Stu Duval’s website

2:18-2:40pm - Amelie’s LH1 Cybersmart Learning Term 3

We understand that every time we connect, collaborate and share online it combines to create our digital footprint.

Hint - Check your browser history (Ctrl+H) if you forget to add any sites you have visited.

Week 7 - Following sharing profiles with their parents, learners will be ready to add their profile slide to the hub presentations - LH1 yr 4, LH1 yr 5 which will then be shared on the blog. Then start this slide.

My Digital Footprint Map - create a map to plot the sites from your 24 hour footprint.

Chromebook: Make a copy of the Google Draw Template

Delete these instructions, insert screenshot of your digital map with a link to the interactive copy in Google Draw

Create a map outline in Pixlr

Save As - format PNG Transparent

We can make smart decisions about what we share online.

If we are not sure we keep our information private.

Insert your role play video here

Cybersmart Learning Term 4 - Google Slides