Abby, Darrien, Jayden, Davin, Josh, Trey



Mesas have steep drops and a flat top.

Mesas and plateaus are almost the same, but plateaus sides spread out.

The Great White Throne is a mesa.

Peninsula By: Darrien

A peninsula is a land with water on three sides. It looks like an arm surrounded by water. The Arabian Peninsula is a famous peninsula.

Plain By: Abby

A plain is a large area of flat land. A plain is a lot flatter than a mountain. Iowa is on the Great Plains.


By: Jayden

A hill is a rounded, raised landform.

A lot of the time

hills are on roads. A hill is not as high as a mountain.


By: Davin

A valley is low land between two mountains. A valley doesn’t have water at the bottom like a canyon, but they both have steep sides. A famous valley is the Valley of the Kings.


By: Joshua

A mountain is not a hill. It is taller and steeper than a hill. A mountain is a high landform with steep sides. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

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