Mission, Vision and Beliefs

Planning for Our Students’ Future




  • Update our District Mission, Vision & Values to more accurately and adequately define what we must do for our students.

  • Develop a 3-5 year strategic plan to implement our mission, vision and values.

  • This will be a collaborative effort – Board, Parents, Students and Staff.

Desired Outcomes

  • Provide direction and focus to our work for students.

  • Clearly communicate to our stakeholders how we intend to serve our students and their parents/caregivers.

  • Market and “re-brand” our district to prospective parents.

Why Now?

The Timing is Right:

  • Board discussions regarding goal setting, planning, community representation.
  • Staff has expressed need for “vision”, “where are we going?”.
  • Students need to understand what they need in order to be ready for their future.
  • Parents/Caregivers – a partnership to ensure each student has the opportunity to reach desired goals and dreams.
  • Administration looking for focus, and to better communicate our vision & beliefs to our staff.
  • Contracts settled with only Support Staff to negotiate at this time.
  • APPR approved – stable through the moratorium on 3-8 assessments.
  • District Board Policies have been updated.
  • Emergency Response Plan updates are nearly completed.
  • The capital project construction is progressing and will be substantially completed for the start of school in the fall:
    • Maple Grove will have the look and feel of a new building.
    • Momentum from the accomplishments of our student body.

Why Now?

Provide clarity and understanding, organize ongoing district initiatives:

  • K-12 Spanish (world language expansion)
  • K-12 Computer Science
  • K-12 STEAM
  • 1 to 1 Chromebooks, technology integration
  • Kagan Strategies
  • RtI, Data Driven Instruction
  • Curriculum revision, alignment

Why Now?

Sense of urgency – our students need us to do this work, NOW


  • 21st Century Skills
    • Partnership for 21st Century Skills – “P21” – extensive work, research & tools available.
  • Personalized Learning:
    • Next Generation Learning – “Next Gen” – extensive work, research & tools available regarding Personalized Learning – (numerous resources available for this work including: Education Elements, Student Centered Learning, (SCL) out of New England states.
  • Future Ready Schools – extensive research and resources.
  • Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS).
  • Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Social Studies Framework.
  • High School Pathways, CTE ….
  • Build on work done in prior years:
    • 2012-2013 Curriculum Committee work, Mission Statement, 5 year plan for curriculum development and alignment.
    • Julie Verdonik – research and development regarding College & Career Readiness, including Employability Evaluation.

How / When?

Stake in the ground #1 –

Opening of school, September 2017

    • Elementary construction completed. Maple Grove opens with fresh, updated look, new gym open, fitness center January 2018.
    • Open school with freshly updated mission, vision and belief statements:
      • Marketing – Newsletters, Websites, Local Media, and Social Media – involve students in this ongoing work, Community Relations Subcommittee…
      • Utilize existing work from the 2012-2013 Curriculum Committee to accelerate development of mission, vision & belief statements.
    • Open school with a revised 3-5 year strategic plan in process.

How / When?

Kickoff Event - Monday, March 20 –

(Move in-service day from Friday, March 17)

    • Board members, parents, students, staff to attend.
    • Dr. Bill Daggett – speaker from International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) – “Creating Future Focused Schools”.
    • Morning Keynote from Dr. Daggett.
    • Afternoon breakout sessions for Board, Parents/Students, Staff
      • Prepare groups prior to the event with points of emphasis, questions for discussion.
      • Dr. Daggett, Superintendent meet for 30-45 minutes with each group.
      • Principals lead focus groups in preparing for discussions.
    • Learning Targets:
      • Why? – why do we need to adapt / change for our students?
      • What? – what do we need to prioritize in preparing our students for their futures? Lay the foundation for revising our mission, vision & belief statements, beginning our curriculum work.
      • How? – how do we go about building our program to meet the needs of our students? – Lay the foundation for our work on our 3-5 year strategic plan.

How / When?

March – June:

  • Mission, vision & values statements revised.
  • Work begins on 3-5 year strategic plan.

June – July:

  • Communication of updated mission, vision and belief statements to stakeholders.
  • Marketing and Branding – newsletter, calendar, website, local media, social media.
  • Work continues on a 3-5 year strategic plan.

Questions / Discussion

Mission Vision Presentation - Google Slides