This is Inbox Collective,

a consultancy that helps brands grow audiences,

build relationships,

and get results via email.

Inbox Collective was created by

Dan Oshinsky.

Dan was the founding Newsletter Editor at BuzzFeed and the first Director of Newsletters at The New Yorker.

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At BuzzFeed and The New Yorker, Dan’s teams:

  • Launched more than 40 newsletters.
  • Created growth strategies to build some of the most-read newsletters on the web.
  • Collaborated with a cross-functional team to develop Courses, an automated email series.
  • Built custom ad products and consumer revenue strategies for email.

Leading brands look to Dan for email advice.

  • Not a Newsletter, Dan’s monthly guide to sending better email, is one of the internet’s most-read sources for email advice and industry trends.
  • Dan’s been a featured speaker at Litmus Live in London, Inbox Awesome in New York, and the Email Marketing Summit in Brisbane.

How can Inbox Collective help with your email program?

  • Inbox Collective works with brands on email strategy, growth, and monetization, including opportunities to:
    • Launch new newsletters and products for email.
    • Improve email content and copy.
    • Grow your newsletter lists.
    • Engage with readers.
    • Monetize your email program.
    • Onboard and reactivate subscribers.
    • Fix deliverability issues.
    • Optimize your suite of emails.
  • I offer a range of services, from one-day email workshops to custom strategy packages to coaching and advisory work.

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