Editing How You Receive

School Messenger Alerts

Parent/Guardian Staff Guide

School Messenger is being used to enhance our communication with our parents and guardians in times of urgency (bussing issues ) or in emergency situations (lockdowns etc).

For our day to day communication, we will continue to use Edsby.

If you experience any issues with either Edsby or School Messenger, please contact your child’s school.

As well, please ensure that your child’s school has your most recent, up-to-date contact information!

Please follow the steps as outlined in the following slides to set-up your School Messenger account so that you receive our urgent messages using the formats that you select. By default we will send our messages via phone, email and text (if you have opted in to receiving texts).

In order to receive texts you must opt-in to that service!

For your convenience, School Messenger also has a free parent app available for both Android and IOS devices.

When selectinhg the app choose, the blue one

Go to:


Select “Sign Up”

Follow the instructions on the prompts:

Make sure you use the email use use to register is the same email the school has on file.

Make sure the click the link “Is your school is in Canada switch here” link.

Your password is something you select and is safe and secure.

See image on the next screen for the login screen

School Messenger will send you an activation email. Make sure to click on the link to activate it. If you do not see it in your inbox, check your junk folders and deleted folders!

Use the dropdown arrows to select the option for phones that are on record Select when you wish to receive phone calls. Select “SAVE

From the toolbar click on the 3 lines located in the top right-hand corner, select “PREFERENCES”

Please ensure that the contact information we have on hand for you is correct. If any changes need to be made, please contact the school.

If you wish to opt-in to receive text messages from the school in an urgent or emergency situation, please text:

YES to 978338

You only need to select your preferences for Non-School Hour Emergency, School Hours Emergency and General. We will not be using School Messenger for Attendance or Surveys.

Selecting the Methods in which you Receive School Messenger Communications

Click on Non-School Emergency. Uncheck the method of communication you do NOT want to receive. Select “SAVE”

Repeat this process for the School Hours Emergency and the General options.

Be sure to save all the changes you make!

Browser version

Click on the blue field to deselect the method of communication you wish to opt out of. Methods of communication not being used will turn white.

School Messenger App version

Setting Account Preferences in School Messenger - Google Slides