Shoe Guidelines

We pay $2/pair for every sneaker that is in good, wearable condition. The following pictures contain examples of shoes that do not meet our criteria.

There is hardly any tread left on the bottom of this shoe - the sole is smooth to the touch. Also, there are small holes and tears on the bottom of the shoe.

Smooth Tread

The sole is starting to peel away from the top of the shoe leaving a noticeable gap.

Peeling Sole

There is excessive tearing on the heel of the shoe lining. Micro tears (a little bigger than a pinhole) are acceptable.

Lining Tearing

Ripping and tearing anywhere on the shoe compromises the integrity of the material. Micro tears (the size of pinhole) are acceptable.

Rips and Tears

Holes anywhere on the shoes do not meet our guidelines.


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