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Pure 5 Sense Remedies

Gentle gifts of nature by PURE5TM

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Personalized Therapy

  • Start with quiz and a physical test
  • We review and advise what is best for you
  • Sign for our Pro Service Plan to get all benefits below
  • Our Virtual interactive program will guide you through the process
  • We offer 56 recipes for personalized therapy that suits you
  • Be a member and access our general health and specialized groups
  • Products including:
    • General health: energy, sleep, fatigue, hangover, etc.
    • Specialized: headache, hair growth stimulation, PMS, etc.

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Beauty Therapy

  • The terpenes have the ability to accelerate cleansing including tissue regeneration
  • They are the hormones of the plants and carry so called phytohormones that stimulate the metabolism
  • The phytohormones nurture, regulate, regenerate, hydrate, relax, smoothen and firm the skin
  • We offer a personalized beauty therapy for your skin and lifestyle

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Emotions Therapy

  • What is your daily mood?
  • Where you want to be?
  • Our remedies stimulates the central nervous system and improve:
    • Recirculation
    • Normalizes breathing
    • Sharpen the senses
    • Relaxes fatigue
  • With this program you get an access to our 17 emotions therapy

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Astrology Therapy

  • What is your date of birth?
  • There are 2 main groups of products that stimulates:
    • Male energy: provide excess of energy
    • Female energy: Relaxing and peaceful
  • There are 4 sub groups of products that relate to:
    • Fire: stimulate the energy
    • Water: stimulate the intuition
    • Earth: stimulates the wealth
    • Air: stimulates the creativity
  • There are 12 planets that create diversity

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Floral Therapy

  • The skin is exposed to contamination, over-usage of coffee, low hydration and low nutrition
  • Floral Hydrosols can be used directly or formulated with other delivery methods
  • Floral therapy delivers a hydrosol therapy to your skin with proprietary blend of terpenes
  • Therapy for sensitive or dry skin, fatigue, ballance, rejuvenation, irritations, etc.

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Feng Shui Therapy

  • The terpenes are related to fire and reflect our fine vibrational fields
  • The fire is the hughes hierarchy of the elements as it can transform them
  • The terpenes are food for the human soul and can help elevate the spirit
  • Blend with nature by maintaining Pure vibrant natural environment