Going Places Safely

How do I go places safely on technology?

Learning Targets

Students will be able to ...

􀂇􀀃discover that the Internet can be used to visit far-away places and learn new things.

􀂇􀀃compare how staying safe online is similar to staying safe in the real world.

􀂇􀀃explain rules for traveling safely on the Internet.

What do you need to do to stay safe when you visit new places?

What does Jeremiah like about the Internet?

What things can he do on the Internet?

What are 3 Rules for Going Online?

Always ask your parent (or teacher) first

Only talk to people you know

Stick to places that are just right for you

What things did you see on the website that you’ve never seen before?

How was your online field trip different from an in-person field trip? How was it similar?

Check Your Learning

What can the Internet be used for?

What rules do we have for visiting a new place in real life?

What rules do we have for visiting places online?

K-2 Unit 1: Going Places Safely - Google Slides