App Concept Overview

An App Concept overview and summary provides a concise description of the key features of the Team’s mobile app concept.

App Concept Overview

This includes:

  • App Concept name;
  • Clearly identified need or problem in the school or community;
  • Key features of the App Concept offer an appropriate solution to the identified need or problem;

Essay Responses

Essay responses must demonstrate the Team’s design process, the app’s functionality, and its

potential impact or outcome.

Essay Responses

a. A description of similar commercial and publicly available mobile apps;

b. A description of how the App Concept offers an innovative approach to solving the identified need or problem;

c. An explanation of how the App Concept leverages the unique form and functionality of a mobile app;

Visual Presentation

This should include:

a. A description of the identified need or problem and an explanation of how the mobile app concept will address the identified problem/need;

b. Identification of the primary audience for the app, description of the intended user experience and how it is appropriate for the intended audience;

c. Creative and appealing visual elements such as storyboards and/or design documentation that highlight the unique form and functionality of the mobile app concept.

WMU Mobile App Challenge Guidelines - Google Slides