Dutch American Film Festival

*Group 1: School Systems

Imko Marijnissen,

Garin Boggs,

Oriana Danby,

Evi Schotman

and Aliyah Moreno

*Group 2: National Parks

Naomi Nootenboom,

Vanna Barcelos,

Bryce Boggs and

Melle Van Opstal

*Group 3: Transportation

Maya Stelzer,

Robin Helms,

Aiden Mitchell,

and Rahiq Ullah

*Group 4: Buildings

José de Gruiter, Haison Nguyen, Matti Hitzerd,

Taylor Conley,

and Brandon Zimmerman

*Group 5:

What is the newest thing in your town?

Ragib Ullah,

Nikolas Cantrell,

Fu-Cui Meijer

and Alex Gueorguieva

*Group 6: I love Holland; I love America!

Eline van Gilst,

Morgan Kirby,

Rens Groeneveld,

and David Sanchez

*Group 7: Similarities and Differences

Eva van der Meer,

Dillen Ngo,

Eline Oei and

Loren Boggs

Thank you to all our “Families”

Conley Family

Mitchell Family

Moreno-Aguirre Family

Boggs Family

Danby Family

Kirby Family

Barcelos Family

Helms Family

Cantrell Family

Gueorguieva Family

Sanchez Family

Ngo Family

Parker Family

Van Der Woude Family

Dennis and Connor Spurlock

Presentation of International Certificates

  • Drop off time at Dordrecht Train at 5:40 a.m.
  • Luggage cannot weigh more than 23 kg.
  • No liquids in carry-ons
  • Passports in backpacks
  • We will use the kiosk for our boarding passes

Thank you to all for this Wonderful


2017.Dalton. Dutch American Film Festivals - Google Slides