Mr. Rozinsky’s

2016 Summer

Reading Rainbow

Covers & Quotes

Writing is “not simply organizing a set of sentences into a series of paragraphs, but organizing them as a means of investigation.” (29)

“And still you are called to struggle, not because it assures you of victory but because it assures you an honorable and sane life.” (97)

“Or did the music at some point cease to belong to those who’d made it?” (551)

“They were forever moving words around, for a sentence is a malleable things, and writers of sentences were either dynamic or inert.” (36)

“Jellyfish don’t get bogged down by drama, love, friendship, or sorrow. They don’t get stuck in any of the stuff that gets people in trouble.” (170)

“But if you didn’t believe in monsters, then how were you going to be able to keep safe from them?” (358)

Ella Flagg Young on January 1, 1916: “Some day the system will be such that the child and teacher will go to school with ecstatic joy. At home in the evening, the child will talk about the things done during the day and will talk with pride.” (358)

“Reading is the foundation for almost every other type of learning a child or adult will do, from word problems in math, to learning tough new scientific vocabulary, to comprehending a history textbook or even a medical consent form.” (246-7)

"Are you a writer, Travis?"

"Oh no."

"Why not?"

"I mean... I can't write."

"Well, have you ever tried?"


"Then of course you can't! Writing is something you can learn only by doing. To become a writer, you need an imagination, which you clearly have. You need to read books, which you clearly do. And you need to write, which you don't yet do, but should." (221)

“If you can cook 10 recipes, you can cook 10,000… [F]rom simple recipes spring nearly endless possibilities.” (8)

“Evil comes in all colors..” (43)

"No one is born a doctor, lawyer, nurse, professional golfer, carpenter, or, for that matter, as a creature that walks and talks. We learn not only skills, but also the values and the culture that surround our particular jobs and organizations. We become what we do, in terms of not just skills but also preferences and values. One of the more robust findings in social psychology is that attitudes follow behaviors." (95)

“A cookbook’s value is only half on the page; the other half is in the action it inspires.” (8)

“During their first year, Tavarus had figured his friend to be naturally gifted, as if all he had to do to maintain that 4.0 GPA was open his eyes each morning. Over the course of that summer, he learned how doggedly Rob worked, the sheer volume of pages he read, the meticulousness with which he notated those pages.” (92)

“You know the things about magic, Charlie? We can wish on clovers and shooting stars and ice flowers all we want. But in the end, the only real magic is what’s inside us and the people we love. Some things are beyond even that magic.” (210)

“Guilt is a hunter… Fate is a hunter… Shame is a hunter… Fear is a hunter.” (1, 3, 5 ,7)

“All craftsmen are servants to the craft. Once you decide what you want to make, the project is the boss.” (171-2)

“It was a valuable thing, he suddenly realized, to have someone you could count on for honesty.” (187)

“Not creating is a choice -- and a poor choice at that.” (Loc 354)

“Instead of arriving in one giant leap, great creations emerge by zigs and zags as their creators engaged over and over again…” (Loc 440-2)

“Wading in this fishless creek and swooning at the salmon sky, I learned firsthand that most elemental of all ironies. That, as Wallace Stevens put it in mom’s favorite poem, ‘Death is the mother of beauty.’ ” (129)

“I read bits of lots of books. I think if there’s a heaven it’ll be my own private library. I walked along row after row of books and dragged my fingertips over their spines. In the twilight I felt the magic in them. They whispered to me, Pick me. Do you want to know an awesome secret?” (178)

“The problem is chaos theory. There are too many inputs to the formula and even the small ones matter more than you think. And you can never measure them precisely enough, But! If you could, you could write a formula to predict the weather, the future, people.” (98)

A person is “an American, who, leaving behind him all his ancient prejudices and manners, receives new ones from the new mode of life he had embraced, the new government he obeys, and the new rank he holds.” (313)

“There. There’s your backstory. I was always singing.” (2)

“Ending judgment means you neither add nor subtract from the facts before your eyes.” (44)

“Writing conferences aren’t the icing on the cake; they are the cake.” (3)

“Yeah,” she said. “Extreme danger. I heard you.” (180)

“News of severed heads travels fast.” (Location 447-8)

“If my life could be just a single note in an endless symphony, how could I not sound it out for as long and as loudly as I could?.” (225)

“Odysseus, my friend, look around you. You hold us spellbound. It’s not yet midnight, and we all want o hear the rest.” (132)

In our Pinterest-saturated world, there is often an intense pressure to be able to craft like a ninja Martha Stewart.” (104)

“I like to think of poems as word paintings..” (1)


“The only way to see someone, truly see someone is to draw them. Drawing makes you study every aspect...understand a person’s essence.” (104)

“ ‘We’re a strange family,’ said Brightbill, with a little smile. ‘But I kind of like it that way.’ ” (104)

“It seems to me that teachers are a little bit heartless. They greet each new wave of pupils and choose which ones they’ll like best, and then, when the students grow up and leave school, they forget all about them and turn to the next wave.” (56)

“Being proud belongs in novels. In real life, you eat the cinnamon toast, even if your heart is burning.” (375)

“This is MY idea, I thought. No one knows it liked I do. And it’s okay if it’s different, and weird, and maybe a little crazy.” (104)

the hired girl

“Would I need to witness a violence like they knew again just to remember how I felt this week? Had our hearts really become so numb that we needed dead bodies in order to feel the beat of compassion in our chests? Who am I if I need to be shocked back into my best self?” (296)

“Argue like you’re right; listen like you’re wrong.” (audio book)

“Apparently, the length

of a grown-up’s

growing-up story

is determined

by the difference

between immigration

and escape.” (29)

“Books are enchanted. Books help me travel.

Books help me breathe.” (54)

“Why do I always feel like I’m waiting

for my real life

to start?” (168)

“Watching an artist who believes

in the power of stories,

I find it easy

to see

the puffing breath

of a brave knight’s

invisible horse.” (177)

“I’ve been besmirched. This besmirchment will not stand!”

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