Style Transfer with CycleGAN

face → ramen

If we can make faces into ramen...

Has Science Gone Too Far????

  • Can we make faces into...anime?




Celebrity headshots

Hours of training

Anime grils

Our neural network, trained using a database of 35k celebrity headshots, and 24k anime girls!

But wait, you say, why 24,000 anime girls?? Why, from...

Anime Grils Dataset

Scraped from a database of erogames

A database of erogames! Don’t know what those are? Whatever you do, don’t google it. You’ll thank me later.

However, if you do know what erogames are, you would know why our dataset ended up being 95% girls.

This dataset was used successfully in a recent anime face generator, published at a prestigious conference, hence why we chose it.

Cleaning the dataset - good image example

To effectively train the system, we need clean headshots, which we auto-cropped

However, it didn’t always work.

Cleaning the dataset

That’s a bear

Machine learning - 1st generation

On the first generation, people didn’t look very anime.

However, the neural net eventually learnnnnnn

Human → Anime Transfer

Behold! Some relatively successful human to anime transfer images!

Note the hairstyle preservation, yet the delightful application of CRAZY hair colors.

However, note that these neural nets work bidirectionally -- we can even transfer from anime HUMANS.

Anime → Human Transfer

That’s right! We don’t even need to wait for bad hollywood live action adaptations of our favorite anime shows anymore!

Now we can just place our anime people into our trained neural net, and BEHOLD! REAL PEOPLE! Sort of!

Horrifying Monstrosities: Human → Anime

And yet, in the process of creating these people, we also were able to make some...interesting other things.

Here are just a few of the examples of humans that didn’t quite transfer to anime as well as they perhaps could have! [point out mashed potato face at the top-center]

Horrifying Monstrosities: Anime → Human

And finally, why not some questionable looking humans!

Anyone ever watch Sailor moon? Well, you’ll never think of her in the same wait again after seeing this BEAUTIFUL HUMAN RENDITION (center left)


Sheen Kao - Senpai: Data Scientist

Dan Tilden - Senpai: UX Designer

Leslie Morales: CSU East Bay

Brandon Wong: CSU East Bay

Eric Pacheco: CSU East Bay

Steven Phan: CSU East Bay

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