Farmer’s Market

Team Green Farm Mentors

Viriya Keangsern

Ena Puthira

Engtieng Borann




Data of Workforce in Cambodia

( Ministry of Economy and Finance, H.E. Vongsey Visoth, 2016 )

What’s the problem?

  • In 2014, There’re 3.73M farmers ( 1.85M farmers were female ) in Cambodia.
  • The farmers don’t have markets to sell their agricultural products,

such as vegetables and fruit.

What’s the problem?

  • Not being able to sell their products

can increase poverty for the farmers.

We created an Mobile App that can help

farmers in Cambodia to sell their crops.

How can our app help to alleviate the problem?

The Goal

Our Main Goal

The main goal of our group is to

help alleviate poverty in


Who are our customers?

  • Farmer’s community
  • Smartphone users

Market size

We don’t expect that all farmers in Cambodia will download our app. We expect that there are farmers who work together and download our app. Example:

How can our app make money?

It is a free download app.

We will find sponsor for our app such as Ministry of agricultural.



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