Fundations- Unit 1

Key concepts:

/ch/ can be represented by ch and tch

/k/ can be written as c,k, or ck

closed syllables

closed syllable exceptions

sound alike words

What makes the /k/ sound?

  • c
  • k
  • ck

Think of

Sock: If the /k/ comes directly after a short vowel, we use “ck”. (pick, tack, lick, wreck)


Think of

When do we use “k” at the end of the word?

-We use a k if the sound is not immediately following the vowel.

silk pink desk ask

You try:

Know or No?

  • I _________ the names of the continents.

2. Do you ________________how to play the recorder?

3. My mom said, “_______, you can’t go to the park.”

4. The sign says __________smoking.

Which witch?

which: is used to ask a question when there are several possible answers.

witch: a female who is thought to possess magical or evil powers.

Write and Right

right: something that is correct; also the opposite of left.

write: create words or letters on paper with a pen or pencil.

Know and No

know: when you understand something completely.

no: a negative response to a question, or something that is not true.


Words have parts that go together called syllables.

A syllable is a part of a word that can be pushed out in one breath.

Types of Syllables

There are 6 different syllable types. In this unit, we are reviewing the closed syllable.

  • has one vowel only
  • vowel is closed in by a consonant(s)
  • the vowel sound is short.

Examples of closed syllables

cat luck wish drift

*solve: Even though there is an “e” on the end, this is a closed syllable because the e is only there because a v cannot go last in the English language.

catch crunch stretch stomp

Closed Syllable Exceptions

An exception is something that does not follow the rules. When there is an exception, something unexpected happens.

These glued sounds are exceptions because they have a long vowel sound instead of a short vowel sound.

-old (cold) Closed Syllable Exceptions:

-ild (wild) scold grind bolt kind

-ind (find)

-olt (colt)

-ost (post)

Trigraph vs. 3 letter blends

  • A trigraph is 3 letters together that make one sound, like “tch”- catch.

  • A 3 letter blend has each letter say its sound, like spring.

A- wash- /o/

In words like wash and squash, the a sounds more like an o.

Trick word review:

should (remember: O- U- lucky- duck- ould)


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