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Chromebook Program


Hello and welcome to Drake Middle School and our 1:1 Device program. We hope that this slideshow will answer many of your questions about how it works at Drake.


The 1-2-1 program aligns with ISTE and the 21st Colorado State Standards. In our ever growing global community, technology skills and safety are important tools that every student should have. At Drake, teachers are encouraged to use technology to transform learning by focusing on critical thinking, problem solving, inquiry, and collaboration. This aligns with Jeffco Generations.

In our ever growing global community, it is imperative that your child learn the technology skills necessary to navigate the Internet, practice online safety and appropriate usage, as well as what digital citizenship means and how to apply higher level thinking skills to authentic learning experiences.

Digital Citizenship

Throughout the course of your child’s learning at Drake MS, he/she will learn how to evaluate Internet resources, hone their research skills, practice digital citizenship both at home and at school, and apply technology skills through collaboration and cross-curricular planning. Their chromebook will be their digital text for school.

We believe that technology is a tool to be used transformatively. This means that we use technology purposefully to challenge student learning through creativity, critical thinking, authentic learning situations, and meaningful learning opportunities. It is not about using technology all of the time. In fact, your child will be asked to keep his/her chromebook in the locker during lunchtime.

Digital Citizenship

Your child will be learning about digital citizenship and what it means at Drake MS by participating in a lesson through 6th grade social studies at the beginning of the year and taught by the Digital Teacher Librarian. This will cover expectations for chromebooks:

  • At Home
  • In Class
  • Independently
  • Online
  • During Passing Period

Safety, privacy, and proper conduct while using devices will be taught throughout the year through core classes and special lessons in the library.

Evaluating Websites & Plagiarism

Your child will periodically visiting the library to learn about evaluating websites to discern their trustworthiness and also to discuss what plagiarism is and what it looks like.

Content: Is the website at my reading level? Is it well-written? Does it have a lot of information about my topic? It is easy to navigate?

Authority: Who or what group/business created the site? Is the extension reliable (edu, gov, & k12)?

Reliability: Does the author/publisher have a good reputation? Did you google them to find out? Are the links appropriate? Do they relate to your topic?

Purpose: What is bias? Is there bias? What does objective information look like?

One of the lessons will focus on research and how to identify reliable resources versus untrustworthy ones. This is taught by our DTL, Ms Chubb, and is integrated into core subjects.

Research Skills: Vertical Alignment

  • In 6th grade, your child will learn how to gather citation information from a variety of resources (databases, Internet, images, and books).
  • In 7th grade, your child will build on prior knowledge by creating formal bibliographies using Easybib.com and justifying why the website resources they used are reliable.
  • In 8th grade, your child will create formal annotated bibliographies.

These expectations will prepare your child for high school regarding research skills in all subject areas.

These research skills are vertically aligned to build your child’s learning experience while at Drake. The goal is to have your child prepared for the rigors of high school and to understand the steps required to research and cite resources effectively.

New Jeffco Supported Apps

With the passing of 5A, our district has purchased new, districtwide apps for student use. Wevideo is a wonderful video-creation tool, Pear deck is an assessment tool for teachers to gauge student learning and progress in a fun, interactive way. Discovery Education offers up short videos to support and enhance student learning in a number of core subjects, Soundtrap is a new podcast tool to allow students to experience written to oral presentations, EquatIO is a new math tool. We also have Seesaw and Book Creator. All of these apps offer a transformative learning experience for your child.

At Home

Until the end of your child’s eighth grade year, his/her chromebook will serve as another text for school. It is meant to be a tool for school use only until that time. Conversations about expectations at home is strongly encouraged.

  • Choose a fixed time for the chromebook to be charged each night.
  • Choose a public area at home where the chromebook stays at night to discourage late night web surfing or inappropriate use.
  • Although Jeffco privacy filters do extend to home that does not mean that it is foolproof. Discuss appropriate use. Social media and gaming are not meant to be used on this device.

We highly urge you to sit down and discuss what expectations you will have about device usage at home. Finding a public area where the device is plugged in for the night is encouraged. These devices are for learning. Games not directly okayed by a teacher or connected to learning are not allowed. The Jeffco filters blocks much of the Dark Web, but it is not always foolproof.


First Offense

Second Offense

Third Offense

Using Profanity (email, padlet, Google Apps, etc.)

Conference with the teacher, note in Admin Conference, contact home. A letter of intent to Ms. Chubb.

One week suspension of computer privileges. Office referral and call home.

Consideration of loss of all computer/network privileges for an extended period of time.

Engaging in inappropriate activities (blocking Lanschool, playing games, downloading music and/or videos) during class time, etc.

Conference with the teacher, note in Admin Conference, contact home. A letter of intent to Ms. Chubb. One week suspension of computer/network privileges.

Office referral, after-school detention and two-week suspension of computer privileges.

Continued detention or ISS. Loss of computer/network privileges for an extended period of time.

Engaging in the inappropriate chat room, email, social media, and visiting inappropriate Internet sites.

Conference with the teacher, note in Admin Conference, contact home. Possible suspension of privileges depending on severity.

A letter of intent to Ms. Chubb.

One week suspension of computer privileges. Office referral. Possible teacher or admin detention.

Continued detention, ISS, and/or consideration of loss of all computer and network privileges for an extended period of time for continued defiance.

Purposely using other students’ login or using another person’s chromebook.

Conference with the teacher, note in Admin Conference, contact home.

A letter of intent to Ms. Chubb.

One week suspension of computer privileges. Office referral and call home.

Consideration of loss of all computer and network privileges for an extended time.

Vandalism, defacing/destroying school computers and/or network. Remember to keep chromebooks in lockers during designated times (lunch, recess, PE, etc.)

Conference with the teacher, note in Admin Conference, meet with Ms. Chubb and AP to determine next steps and cost of repair.A letter of intent to Ms. Chubb.

Meet with AP to determine the consequences and loss of privileges.

Meet with AP to determine consequences and loss of privileges and number of days suspended.

Academic dishonesty from any computer including electronic cheating and/or plagiarism.

Conference with the teacher, note in Admin Conference, contact home, possible loss of credit. A letter of intent to Ms. Chubb.

After school detention and possible loss of computer privileges for one week.

Meet with AP to determine next steps and further loss of privileges.

We have a technology behavior matrix that we follow to ensure students understand and use their devices wisely.

Common Sense Media Resources











Common Sense Media is a wonderful tool for parents. There are a multitude of short videos and information to discuss with your child about screentime, cyberbullying, and digital citizenship. In the email I sent, there is a hyperlink to this Google Presentation where all of the links within the presentation are live. On this slide, each of the images are linked to helpful videos for you to watch.

At Home

If you are concerned about what your child is viewing on the Internet, you can view their search history as long as they are logged into their chromebook.

  • Histories CANNOT be deleted. See the image to the right on how to access your child’s Internet history.

Trouble accessing the Internet at home? Click below to view directions on connecting wirelessly at home. You need to have a modem that has wireless capabilities.

Directions For Connecting to Wireless at Home

1. Click the 3 dots.

2. Click history.

3. A box will pop up that shows recent Internet searches and visits.


Here are some helpful hints on how to access your child’s search history if you are wondering what they are doing on their device. Again, you can reach these links through the Google Presentation.

At Drake

COST : $223 (includes charger) and access to Jeffco Internal Connection, & Jeffco Apps.

Your child should bring his/her chromebook each day fully charged and ready to go.

Current Suggested Chromebook Cover can be ordered from Amazon.

Chromebooks should stay in lockers during lunch and recess.

The cost of the chromebook is $223. We realize that this cost is steep to pay in one year. Unfortunately, with the new changes established with an official district program, this was the only way we could ensure that your child has a device. Otherwise, the 6th graders would have had a gap year with no or limited device availability. We have established a wonderful 6th grade program and did not want to lose your child having the same opportunity our 7th graders had last year as 6th graders. Although this year is a hard hit financially with the cost of the device AND Outdoor Lab, it is the only year you will see these large fees. Once this is paid, the device is your child’s to have and keep for personal usage after the end of 8th grade.

Can our students bring their own device?

Unfortunately, no

We have had a lot of questions around having students bring their own device from home. Unfortunately, students are not allowed to bring their own devices to school. All students need to purchase a school Chromebook. Our district doesn’t support student-owned devices on our internal network, which makes bringing your own device to school extremely difficult. We also have district filters and app that are on our school devices which helps us keep the devices safe for the school environment and equitable for all students. Having consistent devices for all students also makes it easy to manage for our teachers. All of our district professional development for teachers will be using these devices, which also allows for consistency across all of Jeffco. If you are needing support financially, we are happy to sit down with you and come up with a plan.

In Class

Drake MS has a license for a program called Lanschool. Lanschool allows teachers to see their students’ chromebook screens in class during work time. This ensures that students are staying on-task. This program does NOT extend to home. Teachers cannot see screens beyond the classroom.

Students are to respect each other’s property. Messing with another person’s chromebook (pressing keys, turning it off, shutting the lid) are not acceptable and will have consequences according to our Technology Matrix. Repetitive violations can result in limited Chromebook use.

Chromebook Issues or Damage

If a chromebook is not working properly, please have your child stop by the library so we can fix the problem. Most issues are fixable at Drake. If not, the device will be sent off site. If that happens, we will either temporarily check out a chromebook or reassign a new Chromebook (depending on how long it will take to fix the device).

Damage to the screen (kids like to bend them and they break easily) or missing keys (sometimes kids like to pick at keys, they loosen then fall off) are NOT covered by warranty. A $61 fine will be assessed for the screen and a $95 fine for the new keyboard will be placed on your child’s account and should be paid in a timely manner. These prices reflect the cost of repair. If a charger is lost, the cost to replace varies from $26-$28.

A chromebook that is lost or damaged so much it’s unrepairable will be replaced at cost ($220) by the student. This is why a protective cover and stickers on the cover help identify them and keep them from breaking easily.

Our chromebook warranty only covers manufacturer issues. It does not cover broken screens, keyboards, or lost chargers. Fixing these can be costly and time-consuming. This was not a common occurrence in the past, but has happened. Even with a chromebook cover the chromebooks can be damaged when dropped, even from a short distance. Please be sure to purchase a Chromebook cover. There is a live link on slide 12 to some reasonably priced covers on Amazon.

Leaving Drake Early

If your child is leaving Drake:

  • The Jeffco privacy filters and apps will be removed and your child may take it with them. Please allow for enough time to do this. Contact Ms. Chubb in the library so she can arrange to have the chromebook ready for your child’s last day.

If you end up moving and leaving Drake before the end of 8th grade, we will make arrangement to have your Chromebook filters and apps removed, so that you can take the device with you, as long as you have fully paid the fee.

End of Year Process

At the end of the school year (in May), the library will collect all chromebooks. During the summer, they will be cleaned and Jeffco updates will be made. Students may not keep them over the summer. The same chromebook will be checked out to them at the beginning of seventh grade. The same process will continue for your child’s seventh grade year.

At the end of 8th grade, all Jeffco filters and apps will be removed and your child will be allowed to keep the device as long as the total amount for the chromebook has been paid.

Maybe just read the above?

What to do before the Open House: August 5 & 6

To Do List Before Your Child May Receive a Chromebook:

  • Pay full amount online before the first day of school. If you pay prior to registration, you may pick up your child’s device from the library on open house day.
  • Sign District Technology Agreement for Drake. Parent & student signatures are required. Bring it with you to open house.

Once the above is completed, your child will receive his/her chromebook and can have it charged and ready to bring on August 15th for the 2nd day of school.

Your chromebooks will be ready for you to pick up in the library when you come for our open house on either August 5th or 6th, as long as you complete the following: pay the full amount online in Jeffco Connect. Paying online before the open house will help you avoid long lines, waiting to pay our financial secretary. You and your student must also sign the technology agreement before receiving the device. There is a link to the agreement in my email and we will also have some available in the library at open house. Students should bring their chromebooks back to school with them on August 15th, fully charged.

Thank You

Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to our presentation. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the main office anytime between 8:00-3:00. We will see you next week!

Drake MS Chromebook Presentation For Parents - Google Slides