A MediaWiki Organisation?

MediaWiki Stakeholders’ Group

Markus Glaser

MediaWiki is huge

MediaWiki usage statistics are impressive:

  • It is used by in at least 26000 public sites
  • 17 million active users work on these wikis
  • They have created 700 million articles


...and neglected

There is room for improvement in these areas:

  • Maintenance, like installation, configuration and maintenance
  • Promotion and public visibility
  • Support for extension developers who add a lot of extra functionality
  • Support for an ecosystem
  • Systematic documentation

Potential remedy

  • Create an organisation that focusses on MediaWiki software
  • Bundle resources from various stakeholders
  • Wide and narrow option
    • Wide: Such an organisation takes on responsibility for MediaWiki core
    • Narrow: Such an organisation takes care for the needs of 3rd party instances

Currently people around the MediaWiki Stakeholders’ Group are working on the narrow option.


“Make MediaWiki the

number one collaboration system for

open knowledge”


Get in touch:

Markus Glaser (User:Mglaser): glaser@hallowelt.com

MediaWiki Stakeholders’ Group: mwstake.org

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