I’m Ettore Fantin

Hi Marketing Club

Who am I?


  • Grew up in Chile
  • 8.5M YouTube views, 16k Subs
  • Bachelor’s in Finance from Case
  • Master’s in Finance from Case
  • Started 10+ companies
  • Sold 1 company


  • Director of Marketing

What about you?

What do you want to do and why?


  • Marketing is all about attention
    • Easy to get
    • Difficult to get affordably
    • Requires creativity
  • Focus on target audience
    • Who are they?
    • Where are they paying attention?
    • How can I get their attention?

Experiences at Case


Experiences at CWRU

  • Launched several companies with my friends
  • Competed in hackathons and became a self-taught developer
  • President of Ignite TV under UMB and made some videos for the school
  • Worked with Bob Sopko, went to Vegas for CES a couple times
  • Finalist in business plan competition and got to meet the Dalai Lama
  • Went to class (sometimes)

Career Advice

actually actionable

Learn a lot of Skills

  • Graphic Design
    • Get the Adobe Creative Suite and practice using YouTube tutorials
    • You can even sell your services to practice more
  • Programming
    • If you want to be in internet marketing, you’ll need to learn a little bit of HTML/CSS
  • Statistics
    • Google analytics, Google Search Console, things like that
  • Online Certifications
    • Google Adwords/Analytics Certifications
    • Facebook Blueprint Certification
    • Hubspot inbound marketing

Network, Network, Network

  • Every connection you make could be life-changing
  • “But it’s uncomfortable”
    • Get comfortable being uncomfortable
    • Discomfort is temporary, benefits could be permanent
    • Practice makes perfect
  • Leverage Linkedin
    • Slide into DMs
    • Use filters to find people you want to connect with
  • Use the Alumni Network
    • You’re paying for it, go use it

Stay Busy, Do Stuff

  • Here are some ideas:
    • Start a social media marketing agency
    • Work on your personal brand and do marketing consulting
    • Make websites/apps/businesses
    • Grow social media accounts
    • Freelance content-writing
  • Go to events/competitions
    • If you learn to code a little bit, go to hackathons
    • Make pretty presentations and do pitch competitions
    • Talk to Bob Sopko about opportunities


Ask away

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