AI is Going 1:1!

Procedures and Requirements


  • At AI, every student has had access to Chromebooks in virtually every class for the past several years--this is great!
  • However, a problem arose as students were logging in and out of Chromebooks each class period. This loading and reloading of user profiles takes a huge amount of bandwidth.
  • The result was extremely slow internet connection and frustrated students and teachers.
  • Going 1:1 will alleviate this issue. We have a unique rollout because of our various grade levels, some students allowed to take home and some not--there might be issues to work through but patience and communication will get us through!


Q: Are grades 7-12 students allowed to check out chromebooks?

A: 7-12 students have not filled out the additional contracts necessary to allow them to take chromebooks home, and our administration has also determined that at this time, only 11th and 12th graders will be allowed to take them home.

Q: If a student does not return their chromebook to their advisement classroom, what should I do as their advisement teacher?

A: Please fill out this Google Form with that student’s name and grade. That’s all you need to do. Library staff will track the spreadsheet and administration will follow up with students who have forgotten three or more times.

Q: What should a student do if they are dismissed early and cannot get their chromebook back to their advisement classroom after school?

A: Students who are dismissed early, either for athletics or any reason, should turn their chromebook in to the library or the office. Student assistants will deliver the chromebooks periods 7 and 8 each day to their proper room. If the teacher is not in the room, making delivery impossible, it will be returned to the library.

FAQs (cont,)

Q: What if a student has misplaced their chromebook within the building?

A: Call the library and let us know the student’s name and id number. This policy may change once our IT department lets us know what they would like our exact procedure to be, but for now--call the library.

Procedures: Before The First Day

  • Liability Contract/Agreement (English and Spanish) can be found in advisement resources. Also on our website.
  • Print enough copies for your advisement class. You MUST give it to students on the first day of advisement
  • If you teach 7-10, please set up your charging stations ahead of time (file folders with milk crates, empty cabinets that have access to power, paper stackers). For help or resources, let Dorina know.
  • Pick up enough chargers from the library for your advisement students. Please see Dorina or Margaret for this so we can ensure you have the correct chargers for your grade level.

General Information

  • Chromebooks will be checked out to students through the library during Lang&Lit classes beginning on the second day of school. The schedule has been emailed to L&L teachers.
  • In order to receive Chromebooks, students are required to return a signed contract/agreement with parents.
  • Chromebooks will be stored in advisement classes.
  • Grades 7-10: Chromebooks ALWAYS remain at school.
  • Grades 11-12: Students may take Chromebooks home.
  • Families can be held liable for damage or loss to Chromebooks.


Procedures: First Day of Advisement

  • Hand out paperwork to your class: liability contract that every student must have signed to receive Chromebook:
    • 7-10 students- Behavior Contract and Liability Agreement.
    • 11-12 students- two additional required forms from the district
  • Ensure students understand that the forms MUST be signed and returned on Day Two.
  • Inform students about new procedures as well as your expectations for returning Chromebooks to your classroom.
  • 7-10: Assign each student a Chromebook number. Students should charge their device in their assigned slot every day. This also allows teacher to ensure all devices have been returned.

Procedures for your Scheduled Pick Up Date

  • Lang and Lit teachers ONLY: Check the schedule for your class’ assigned date and time to come to the library to pick up Chromebooks.
  • Remind students continuously on day 1 of school that if they do not have ALL signed forms, they may not pick up their Chromebook. They’ll need to come back on their own with their forms once they have them.
  • Bring class to the library during your scheduled time. Students who have forms ready will hand those to Dorina or Margaret and will receive a Chromebook (and cord, if 11th and 12th).

Important: AFTER chromebooks have been picked up and are in your advisement room:

Using removable labels--

Label each Chromebook on the outside lid in the top right corner with:

  • Your room number (Advisement)
  • Student Name
  • The slot number assigned for that Chromebook

Need labels? We’ll put some in the main office near the mailboxes.


  • Students are responsible to retrieve Chromebooks from their advisement class, and be in first hour class on time.
  • Students won’t be dismissed early from last class to return their Chromebooks to advisement. They must complete the drop off after the dismissal bell for the last class.
  • Students are responsible to charge their own Chromebooks-whether they take it home or leave it in their advisement.
  • Teachers will be asked to check each day to ensure all Chromebooks were returned. If not--please fill out the Google Form found on our website under Staff Resources. Parent phone calls will be made to parents of students who fail to return their chromebook.

What if…?

A student needs to leave school early?

If a student is checked out of school early, that student will leave the chromebook with front office staff OR in the library. Student assistants will deliver chromebooks back to their assigned advisement teacher during the course of that day. The teacher will ensure the chromebook is plugged in at the end of the day. This goes for student athletes as well.

A Chromebook has been lost?

Let IT or library staff know right away. Our IT department has software that allows us to see who is logged on to any chromebook and roughly where in the building that chromebook is. Student MUST log in to a chromebook with their Jeffco Login--there is no other way to access it.

Any other concerns/what if’s?

1:1 Procedures - Google Slides