Echo and E-Books:

E-Learning Adventures from EES

(Edmunds Elementary School)

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Burlington, Vermont

Amy Welcome Introduce our group and students - find out if group is primarily teachers, librarians, TIS or other

link and qr codes to presentation as well in scheduling app for session

An Overview

Introductions: Amy Welcome Introduce our group and students - find out if group is primarily teachers, librarians, TIS or other

Teacher Evolution

Janet B

Classroom Transformation Scenario:

Team Teaching, Collaboration & 6 ipads in the Classroom:

Observation as Research: Echo and E-Books

Nets-S, SAMR, Common Core, Family & Community Connections and a LOT of Planning!

Kathy Describe framework and collaboration - roles of different teachers, etc. For example, in the library, students worked with Kathy to look at ebook models and begin to use Book Creator- Janet and Heather team teaching and pooling resources during the writing block, Aly supporting students in classroom, Amy supporting students during work sessions and planning with teachers.

Teaching into use of iPad

(now classroom norms)

Heather ---- We received the 6 ipads - had to create expectations for use, that include how to carry them, store them, log out of apps, etc. (Tech tub) We also had to teach how to take photos, put them into albums, how take videos, and students evaluated what made good photos/ videos.

Planning & Project Timeline

Janet 6 -7 week unit

meeting with Echo / scenario development during class

Student Supports

Kathy N


Heather--- we started with the common core writing standard that students need to introduce a topic, use facts & definitions, and having a conclusion.

EES Connections

Observational Drawings in Art

Students are introduced to Book Creator in the Library

Students also created clay models and drawings.

Nevin,Winslow and Luke

Echo Connections: Our Three Thursdays

Using Educreations to create labeled diagrams from observations at Echo

Making observations and gathering evidence: taking notes, photos and video

We walked to Echo each week.

Additional research in the Resource Room

Janet work with this group document to keep track Hannah and Rosie insert chaperone sheet

Parent Chaperone Responsibilities

Meanwhile, in the Classroom..


Storyboard , planning,mini lessons (tech and writing -intro conclusion) Use of Reflector to mirror ipad content to do mini lessons with the ipad-

content mini lessons

Creating E-books

Norah and Miriam

Celebrating and Sharing

Kathy N.

Expanding our Audience, Continuing the Learning Cycle

Amy We used the LCBP Resource Room a lot during our trips to Echo and we felt like it was a natural location for continuing to share the student and teacher work with others who wanted to learn about the same topics or for teachers who want to have a point of reference and contact information about a project like this one.

Sharing .epubs is “Tricky”

  • Inclusion of images and video creates large files
  • Large file sizes are difficult to send/receive via email

  • How does one open an .epub in an interactive format on a PC?

Amy : options on iPads for sharing- how to share between ipads and how to share with families

Save to a PC? For interactivity? Can save as .pdf, but you lose the intent


  • Google Drive acts as storage and links for download for .epub files (DropBox, too) Easy upload from iPad.
  • Readium extension for Chrome browser allows for interactive reading on a PC (Viewing .epubs at home )
  • iBooks upload
  • Trilby BookClub- collaborative uploading of epubs to shared bookshelves- (free version only allows for 10 ebooks)

We are a Google Apps District so Drive: easy uploads from ipad

Links to share across platforms

Book Creator has a great support site FAQs...

What’s Next?

P.I.P.’s Personal Interest Projects: using eBooks to share your learning

Personal Interest Projects- used Book Creator - real learning piece skills to be independent ,

From the tech side- uploading to itunes?

Would you like to view more EES e-books about our inquiry and research at Echo?

(For those scanning from an iPad*)

Start by scanning this QR code. It will take you to a folder in Google Drive that contains our finished e-books.

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Echo and E-Books: Dynamic Landscapes 2014 - Google Slides