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Dr. David J. Castle, President

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Who is Dr. David J. Castle?

Entrepreneur – Own 2 Companies


Received both an MBA and BS from Oakland University


Received a Ph.D. at Northcentral University


Teach online at several schools


Own and Operate www.LearnMagicTricks.org


Professional Magician www.MichiganMagician.com


Marketing Consultant www.DavidJCastle.com

LearnMagicTricks.org Success Story

Created LearnMagicTricks.org 8/26/06


June 2007 (Website Averaged 10,000 Visits and 50,000-100,000 page views Each Day!)


March 2007 (Website Earned Over $5,000 from Google Adsense Program)


Presently, this Website Averages About 100 Opt In Sign Ups Each Day!


Thousands of Dollars have been Earned from Selling Products to Our Customers.

Earn 6 Figures Online
Step 1

What are you interested in?

For example, if you like cars, you might want to make a website on vintage cars.

It is important that you come up with several different topics and then go through the process of elimination and choose the one that interests you most.



Make sure that the niche you go into has adequate demand to justify entering the market. Use the google keyword tool to do some keyword analysis.

Earn 6 Figures Online
Step 2

Buy a Domain Name

An example of a company that sells domains is www.namesecure.com

Consider including a popular keyword or keywords in your domain name

Consider making it private

Consider buying a ten year agreement

Consider buying the .com, .org, .net, .info and .biz for your domain

Remember to RENEW your domain name!

Earn 6 Figures Online
Step 3

Get a Web Host (e.g., steadfast.net)

Point Your Domain to Your Web Host

Create Your Website (Either Do Yourself or Hire a Web Designer)

Remember Your Website Needs to Provide Free Beneficial Information to Your Visitors on a Regular Basis



I highly recommend using the Word Press software for your Web site. The software is free and is fairly easy to install. The software allows you to chose from thousands of free templates that are available online so you do not necessarily have to hire a web designer if you go this route. Also, Word Press is user friendly and there are many plugins available for free that allow you to make your Web site better. I personally use Word Press and highly recommend the platform for your consideration.

Earn 6 Figures Online
Step 4

Optimize Your Website for the Search Engines.

Visit this link to download a great ebook on how to do this:


Earn 6 Figures Online
Step 5

Use Free video sharing services such as youtube.com, metacafe.com, etc. to promote your business

Have referral programs in place to get word of mouth going

Have contests

Earn 6 Figures Online
Step 6

Make $$$ Through Advertising and Selling Products (Yours and Others).

Consider using Google Adsense

You could also sell ad space

Build an e-mail list (1shoppingcart.com can help you with this)

Send e-mail offers to your list promoting both your products/services and other people’s items as an affiliate

Earn 6 Figures Online
Step 7

Make sure you do regular maintenance on your business to keep it running smoothly.

Back-Up important information regularly (some web hosts will do this for you)

Earn 6 Figures Online
Step 8

Consider forming an LLC/INC. for legal protection.

Consider opening up a separate account for your business (e.g., Charter One)

Keep records separate from personal stuff (maintain good records)

Earn 6 Figures Online
Step 9

Always Look For New Opportunities for Your Business To Expand and Become More Successful!

Don’t be afraid to try New Things and always remember (Test and Track)

Earn 6 Figures Online
Step 10

Go Out There And Make Some Money!

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Dr. David J. Castle, Ph.D.



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