May 15, 2019

Representative Assembly

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President’s Message

PERS is Not the Problem:
Debunking the Myths about PERS

Mark Brenner

“Economists who work for our state government have studied the future of PERS a lot.  Unfortunately, they tell us that if nothing is done, there will soon be school districts in Oregon that will be paying over 50% of their budget to retirement costs. That will cause lay-offs and cuts to services and programs that you and I both care about. In the face of that reality, not acting is not an option. The Legislature cannot shy away from its responsibility to bring Oregon’s financial house in order.”

- Rep. Rob Nosse

The PERS Punchline – Part I

  • PERS is not going bankrupt. PERS was fully funded until the 2008 financial collapse.
  • Today PERS is around 80% funded, and in much better shape than most states.
  • PERS is in the news because employer contribution rates are rising.
  • At a deeper level, PERS is also under fire because conservatives want to destroy defined-benefit pensions and replace them with 401(k)-style plans.

2016 Pension Funding by State

PERS Employer Rates are Rising

Why Are Employer Rates Rising?

  • The PERS Board has lowered is expected return on current assets from 8% to 7.2%.
  • The PERS Board set a 20 year repayment horizon for the “unfunded” portion of PERS benefits.
  • Half of the increase in employer rates stems from this payment for the “unfunded” benefits.

How Much Difference Does 10 Years Make?

How Much Difference Does 10 Years Make?



PERS Punchline Part II

  • Whatever problems existed in PERS, they were corrected over 15 years ago.
  • In the long run, PERS is completely sustainable. There is no need to make permanent cuts to our retirement.
  • If we want relief for PERS employers, the PERS Board should change the repayment horizon for the “unfunded” portion of our benefits. Most states use 30 years, some even longer.
  • We need our legislators to get the facts, and stand by their promise to public employees.

PAT Building Rep Elections

Thank you to the following schools from whom we have received Rep Election results. (And thanks to everyone else who may have put them in the PONY or brought them here today.)

Abernethy Maplewood Beach Glencoe Woodlawn Sunnyside Environmental Speech-Language Pathologists Robert Gray Rieke Elementary ACCESS @ Vestal Peninsula Cesar Chavez Benson High School Harrison Park Lincoln High School Sitton Markham Alliance at Benson School Psychologists Jason Lee K-5 and Head Start Faubion Adapted PE Pioneer- Youngson

If you haven’t reported your election results yet, please do so ASAP. Thank you!

Bargaining Update

Interest Based Bargaining

  • Files
  • Professional Conduct Policy
  • Investigations
  • Administrative Leaves

Nominations and Elections

Interim Election for a vacancy in the office of PAT Executive Board Director

Term of office: August 19, 2019 through June 30, 2020.

Timeline for Interim Election of Executive Board Director:

• May 15, 2019 – Nominations open. Nomination forms and Election Handbook available at PAT office and on website

• June 12, 2019 Nomination forms due by 4:30 p.m. in the PAT office. Candidate statements received by this date will be included in a flyer to be distributed at the August 19, 2019, PAT RA

August 19, 2019 - at PAT RA: Nominations may be made from the floor Nominations close at 10:00 a.m. Candidate Speeches Secret ballot election

Article 8 “Overage” Payment Dispute Update

As of May 15, 2019

At the end of the first semester PAT and PPS disagreed about a series of categories of possible overage payments

Remember that there are two types of overage payments:

  • # of Students/Caseload
  • # of Preparations

Disputes over #s of Students/Caseload

K - 5 Media Specialists


PAT and PPS agreed to methodology

6 - 12 Media Specialists


PAT and PPS agreed to methodology

Media Specialists in MS and ES


PAT and PPS agreed to methodology

Disputes over #s of Students/Caseload

6 - 8 Focus Option Schools

In Discussion

PPS wants to have all 6-8 teachers treated as elementary specialists.

6- 8 Courses that do not meet every day

In Discussion

PPS wants to prorate the students

Special Ed


All students receiving services count toward caseload (in-state IEPs, Out of State IEPs and PPS IEPs)

Teachers with 1.0 FTE but with non-teaching assignments (i.e Dean of students)


Teachers will have overages prorated to % of teaching responsibilities.

Disputes over # of Preparations

SLP Caseload


All students receiving services count toward caseload (in-state IEPs, Out of State IEPs and PPS IEPs)

Single Period with multiple courses taught


Independent study and courses such as French 4 and 5 in one period count as separate preps.

Moving Buildings or Classrooms?

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Membership Committee

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Membership Committee

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Social Justice Social

Building Sanctuary

Thursday, May 23rd

Please come to our second work session building toolkits to support our immigrant students and families.

Educators of Color BBQ

May 30th

4:30 pm


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