Building Our Confidence

Jeana James - Washington County School District - Horizon Elementary

What is Confidence???

True Confidence

is the solid Belief in One’s Own Abilities


Rooted in Competence

Cannot Gain Genuine Confidence Through Someone Else

It Only Happens Through Experiencing Your Own Competence

Managing challenges successfully

When we use the word Confidence

we are not talking about the overused, feel-good term


True Confidence is Deep-Seated, Authentic,& Permanent

Why is Confidence so Important???

It Feels Good

to Know that

You Can Do Something Well

Survive Something

Accomplish Something

In Other Words it Helps You Be

Mentally Stronger


solid confidence people sometimes lack the ability to take risks or

push themselves

They Feel Powerless in Their Environment

When People are Confident They have an

Optimistic Outlook

Instead of Feeling Passive or Powerless


is a springboard towards other successes in life

When we have confidence we can

fail – learn – improve

Confidence is a Critical Ingredient in Resilience

We are usually stronger than we think we are

We Can Nurture

Our Confidence

Practice problem-Solving Skills

Recognize Your

Assets &

Use Them to Overcome Challenges

Believe in your capabilities

Notice those things you are doing right

De-emphasize your incompetency

We are all a work in progress

Confidence needs

support and reinforcement

Confidence Comes from

Knowing that Success is Possible

Confident people


Easy & Comfortable to be around

Solid Confidence

is a Result of

Solid Competence

Both Important Ingredients for Resilience

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