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Why aren’t you coding?


2021-04-09 | 2100 -> 2300

2021-04-08 | 2000 -> 2200


In many ways, the focus is on building a solution to modern corporate culture.

Modern times require distributed orgs based on metrics driven collaboration.

Participants in a Godojo are unpaid and, discussions of profit are low status.

This is a place of artistry and creativity.

Godojo is the glass bead game, business happens in “Castalia”.

2021-04-06 | 2100 -> 2300


We will start building a prototype in Processing/Java.


The prototype will be defined by:

  • Runs in a repl.it
  • Runs a godojo.
  • Plays a game of go.

2021-04-05 | 2100 -> 2300


What is a Godojo?
A Godojo is a 2 hour block of time spent studying the art of teaching humans go.

We will begin with 1 hour of collaborative coding and demos.

At the hour, one of the participants will lead a 30 minute interactive lecture.

Finally, we will end the session by adding some notes to this slide deck setting up the next Godojo.


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