Motricity in the Immersive Web

Inclusive & Accessible Locomotion and Interaction in XR on the Web

November 5, 2019



  • The trend towards controller-free input
  • Why is XR hardware failing?
  • What can we learn from AT?
  • Experiments, Tools and Projects
  • Discussion

What Is Accessibility?​ #a11y

Is VR inherently inaccessible?

When something is accessible, a person with a disability can
(to the greatest extent possible):​

  • acquire the same information,​
  • engage in the same interactions,​
  • and enjoy the same services as a person without a disability,​
  • with substantially equivalent ease of use.​

Accessibility =​ Designing things to provide equal access to people with disabilities​

In Other Words​:

Immersive Web — making experience accessible

2D Web — making content accessible

The trend towards controller-free input allows no space for graceful degradation

Low-cost brain computer interfaces (BCI)






BCI & VR in Research


Spatial gesture / hand motion control






Leap Motion

Hololens 2, Magic Leap, VIVE Hand Tracking SDK, Oculus 2107 - Oculus Hand Tracking OC6

Why is XR hardware failing?

What can we learn from Assistive Technologies (AT) ?

What people think when they hear VR

Who do people interact and play in VR

Accessible Controllers


Accessible Controllers - 3dRudder

In-Vehicle Assistive Technology (IVAT), Flickr, NYT, Tesla self-drivng car

Driving Game Controllers

Coleco, Logitec, Nintendo, XBox, PXN, Playstation, VisionRacer

Experiments, Tools and Projects

SeeingVR: Low Vision Tools For VR,,

WalkinVR: Steam Driver For VR

WalkinVR: Steam Driver For VR

From Sip-and-Puff To Binary

Is the fallback input for mobile VR inclusive enough for everyone?

Navigating VR for Physically Disabled Users

with Binary Input Controls

433 Hackers

110 Team submissions

Best Application For Accessibility

Wayfair Way-more

Best Use of an HTC Vive Focus

3x winner at the world’s largest, most diverse XR Hackathon.

January 17-21st, 2019
@ the MIT Media Lab, Boston

Binary Input

Take Action

  • single button control
  • binary input frequencies: on/off - short/long/continuous
  • mapped with the W3C standard Gamepad API to enable assistive technology (AT) devices


Discussion, Measure of Man and Woman: Human Factors in Design by Henry Dreyfuss,

  • How can we progressively enhance the XR experience?
  • What do HMI & Ergonomics teach us better than flat GUIs?
  • Can Assistive Technologies guide us to interaction standards?

Engage and Interact


Thank You!

Roland Dubois



Hello, I am Roland Dubois


  • Product UX Lead at Virtual Facility
  • XR Accessibility Lead and co-founder at Virtuleap
  • Mozilla Tech Speaker
  • Creator of GRAVR — a globally recognized avatar for WebVR
  • Member of the W3C Immersive Web CG
  • Member of the XR Access Initiative
  • Host of WebXR (A-Frame NYC) workshops & events
  • Creating immersive experiments that make the current VR/AR industry accessible for everyone.
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