The Badlands

Change climate official travel project

Who’s going?

When I go on my trip to the Badlands I plan on bringing three others with me. We will leave on march first 2020 and get back on march 7th 2020. We will be using two tents when we go.

Why are we going?

We are going on this trip for the adventure of course, but also for educational and photography purposes. We are interested in exploring the unique wildlife and landscapes of the Badlands. I am a travel blogger and the main purpose will be to write about it.

What will we be doing?

We will be doing a lot of hiking in order to see historical places and photograph them. We will be driving around as much as we can and camp in a tent at a safe distance from the road. We will have two tents with two persons per tent.


On the first of March we will be purchasing:

Gas, a portable butane gas stove, two 50 packs of ramen noodles, 4 foldable water bottles, two tents, 4 sleeping bags, 16 giant waters. We will have spare money($757.8) to get more gas need be and for nice restaurants

What EXACTLY will we be doing?

We will be driving through “the Highway 240 Badlands Loop Road, accessed from Interstate 90, is a two-lane, paved surface that takes you through the North Unit of the park. The Sage Creek Rim Road (590) is a gravel road that takes you along the north rim of the Badlands Wilderness Area”. On the road we will be stopping at . Most of which are few and far between. With that $757 we will spend $75 on meals a day between the four of us. That’s $375 on food between the 7 days. $175 spare for goods and souvenirs


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