Time to Research

Time to Discover the Renaissance

Time to Use Noodle Tools

  • Open Noodle Tools
  • Create a New Project named: Last name Your Topic Name
  • Go to the Project Dashboard
  • Share with a project inbox for your teacher and class period

Florence, Italy. Photography. Britannica ImageQuest. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 25 May

2016. http://quest.eb.com/search/139_2018743/1/139_2018743/cite. Accessed 24 Oct 2016.

Print Resources

Citing a Print in Hand Book

Go to Noodle Tools and cite the book:

Click “Create New Citation” → “Print or In-Hand” → “book”

“Import ISBN” enter 10 or 13 digit ISBN in search box

Click “search” → select title

Click “import selected source”

Click “continue”

Finally → “save” to create citation.

Electronic Reference Books

Gale Virtual Reference Library


Open here to find GVRL.

Considered a book source

GVRL resources are digitized print books

Citing GVRL

(Cite in 3 clicks)

Click “Citation Tools “under the Tools menu

Export to: select Noodle Tools in drop down menu

Click “Export”, a window will pop up

Click “Import References”

Go back to Noodle Tools

Refresh the page, the new citation will appear

Use Topic Finder in Gale

Open: Gale Power Search

Click “Use the Topic Finder”

Enter Search Term/s and Click “Search”

Visualization: Wheel OR Tile

Select articles from Gale on the right


Topic Finder in Gale

Click Topic Finder at the left to open the search box

Topic Finder in Gale Pt 2

Type your search terms in the box above

Topic Finder Results

Citing Gale Resources

Click “Citation Tools “under the Tools menu

Export to: select Noodle Tools in drop down menu

Click “Export”, a window will pop up

Click “Import References”

Go back to Noodle Tools

Refresh the page, the new citation will appear

Citing Britannica Encyclopedia

Click the small box with the check mark for the citation

Copy the entire MLA citation.

Click “create a new citation” in Noodle Tools

Select “database” and “reference source”

Use Quick cite and select “copy & paste a citation”

Paste the citation in the white box on the next window

Click the green “save” button to save the citation

General Website

Go to the Library OPAC, select “catalog”

Select “WebPath Express” on left

Enter keywords into the search box

Select a website from the list of results

Cite the website the same as a general website

Citing a Website

Go to Noodle Tools, “Create a New Citation”

Select “Website” → “Web Page”

Add the following items into the boxes individually:

  • URL
  • Date of webpage (at top of page or bottom of page)
  • Most recent date of access (today)
  • Author
  • Webpage name
  • Website name
  • Publisher (only if different from website name)
  • Click “Save”

Website Citation Entries


Name of Website

Name of Web Page

Website Citation Entries


Publisher is same as Name of Website, don’t use

Date of Publication

Taking Notes

  • Add notes in Noodle Tools
  • In the Notecards window, select “+New” in green and

select the Source using the drop down menu


  • Add a new note to a specific citation in the

sources window

  • Copy/paste a quote in the “Direct Quotation” box
  • Use bullets & fragments in “Paraphrase”
  • DO NOT use complete sentences to take notes

Using Noodle Tools for Notecards

  • Select “Sources” at the top of the page
  • Click on “New” in blue to the far right of the source you want to use to take notes
  • The source will already be selected for you in the drop down menu on the notecard
  • For an online source, copy and paste no more than 4 sentences in the box direct quotation box on the left
  • In the paraphrase or summary box on the right, add a list of bulleted fragments with the information found in the source
  • Click the blue box “ Save and Close” to finish

Sample MLA 8 Format


Header: Last Name page number

Set up paper in this order:


Body of Paper:

Double Spaced

12 pt font

Times New Roman

Print/Export Works Cited

Use this drop down menu to export to Word or a Google Doc

  • Select Sources at the top of the page
  • Click drop down menu from “Print/Export”
  • Select “Print/Export to Word or to Google Docs”
  • Save on computer if you export to Word


  • Choose an account to save in your Google Drive
  • Works cited page will be formatted correctly

Sample MLA 8 Works Cited

Works Cited:

Title centered

Double Spaced

Alpha Order

Hanging Indention

12 pt font

Times New Roman

Header: Last Name page number

Do You Need More Help?

Have you?

  • Created a new project in Noodle Tools & shared with teacher
  • Put sources into Noodle Tools FIRST
  • Selected New Note from the Sources tab in Noodle Tools to create a note card
  • Put quotations on the left side of the note card
  • Paraphrased with bullets and phrases on the right side of note card
  • Found at least four sources with information
  • Created note cards for every source

8th grade research guide renaissance paper 2018 - Google Slides