Puppet Pals 2 (not HD!) Tutorial
All Access ($4.99)

By Sylvia Duckworth

Video made of AIM presenters at the

AIM Summer Institute West, 2013.

Opening the app for the first time


2. When you first use the app, it will take you through a tutorial. There are 11 pages in total. Just keep clicking the “Next page” arrow:

Creating a story

1. Eventually you will be on the starting screen

2. If you haven’t yet, you should buy the All Access pass.

Click on “Puppet Shop” to purchase. This gives you lots more puppets, rides, and music to play with.

3. Note: The theme music is very loud and can become annoying. Click on the “Options” button:

You can adjust the music or turn it off. Best to just turn it down because you will want to hear it later when you are choosing the music.

4. Click on

5. From the starting screen, click on “Play”

6. Choose a location

7. The icons on the top left hand corner allow you to

1. Change location.

2. Add a ride.

3. Add a puppet.

4. Customize a puppet.

5. Change the music.






8. Let’s try adding puppets first. Click on 3.

(If you ever lose this panel, click on the arrow top left corner )

6. Touch the puppets/actors you want to add to your scene. They will jump into your scene right away.

7. If you change your mind and want to delete an actor, drag him/her into the garbage which will appear in the bottom right hand corner:

8. Notice how the actors all line up at the top of your screen:

What’s interesting about this is that when you move them to the bottom of your screen, they get bigger.

9. Experiment with moving the characters around. Notice that they walk when you move them!

10. When you are ready to record, click on the arrow, top left hand corner.

11. Click on the “Record” button.

You will notice that a red line appears around the screen. This means that you are recording. If you want to pause, click on the pause button on the top right corner.

Now a yellow line will appear around the screen.

12. When you are in Pause Mode, you can click on the arrow and change the location, or add rides and puppets. You can also delete a puppet/ride by dragging it in the garbage.

13. Try adding a ride.

You will notice that if you drag your puppet on to a ride, the puppet will climb on the animal, or get into the vehicle!

14. Press the Pause button again, and resume recording.

15. Remember that you have to click on the puppet that you want talking in the scene. Notice that his/her mouth will move slightly when you are recording.

16. When you are finished recording, click on the “Stop” button.

17. The video will play for you and you can decide if you want to trash it or keep it.

18. If you choose to keep it, add a title, then “Save”.

19. Note that the video will save in the app, not on your camera roll. If you want to save it on your camera roll, click on the “Location” icon, then “Main”.

20. Click on “Saved” then “Share”.

21. If you choose “Normal”, you will see this:

22. Click on “Save Video” and it will be on your camera roll.

23. If you choose “Best”, it will also save on your camera roll.

Customizing a puppet

Now let’s try customizing a puppet. You need to start a new show because you cannot edit a show once saved.

To find the Home screen, click on the “Main” button

or simply close and reopen the app.

1. From the Home screen, click on “Play”

2. Pick a location. Now click on the large head icon.

3. Now you have a number of options.

4. If you put your finger on the head (or the body) and push right or left, you can change the puppet’s head or body.

5. If you like the new combination, click the green checkmark.

6. If you click on the dice, you can go with a random combination.

7. If you click on the postcard icon, you can send a picture to someone. The app will choose a random background. Try it!

Sending a postcard:

Click on the “Share” icon to save it on your camera roll

or send it to someone. Note that the only way to escape this screen is by clicking on the share button and do something with the postcard. Just save the image for now.

8. The most fun way to use this app is to personalize a puppet. Click on the camera icon:

9. Now you can take a photo, or choose one from your camera roll.

10. Try taking a photo. You will notice that the app defaults to a selfie. If you want to take a picture of someone else, just click on the small camera icon on the top right hand corner:

11. Once you have taken a picture, you can retake it, or use it.

12. When you have a photo, trace the head.

13. Draw the mouth.

14. Click “Approve” or the back button to redo.

11. You can turn the head other direction by clicking here.

15. After you click “Approve”, you can change the body.

13. When you are happy with the puppet, click the

green checkmark.

Changing the music

Each location comes with a default theme song, but you can change the song by clicking on the music icon.

Note: if you click on the “Pause” button during a recording, you can also change the music so that you have different songs for different scenes!

Final note: Theoretically, with the pause button, you can constantly add/change scenes, puppets, rides, music, etc, so you never have to worry about saving scenes to your camera roll and then editing in iMovie. AWESOME!

Puppet Pals 2 Tutorial - Google Slides