Newton Girls Who Code

Tuesday Session 21, 2017-03-07

Today’s Goals

  • Build Sisterhood
  • Core 4
  • CS Impact

Plan for Today

  • Club Discussion
  • ???
  • ???

Discussion Slide

  • Have we taken a wrong turn?
  • Where do you want to go with your club?
  • What behaviors should we revive?
  • How can we make it better?
    • Sisterhood
    • Core 4
    • CS Impact

  • Observations, feedback, suggestions?

Spotlight on Women: Katherine Johnson

Watch this series of videos.

Do your own research to find fun facts about Katherine Johnson.

See if you can find information on how she used computers to do her job.

Daily Programming Exercise

Write a Python program to be your partner for a knock-knock joke. You tell the joke.

Computer: “Tell me a knock-knock joke.

You: “Knock-knock.”

C: “Who’s there?”

Y: “Boo”

C: “Boo who?”

Y: “Don’t cry, it’s just a joke!”

C: “Ha ha ha. Tell me another one.”


  • Make the program tell the joke.
  • Make the program verify that you started with “knock-knock”.
  • Have the computer verify the punch line follows the pattern.

Activity Sets Revisited

We had good experience last year with Codesters.

  • Python (like Daily Exercises).
  • Follow the Activity Set for open-ended projects
    • through Canvas or print-out
  • Follow Codesters' Intro to Python lessons for a step-by-step tutorial.
  • Skip to find a lesson that's the right for you.
  • Don't worry much about the green checks
    • Codesters sometimes goofs.

Other activity sets vary in quality.

Other Tools for Writing Python

We have noticed that PyCharm is slow. Some alternatives, if you don't need Flask for what you're doing: lets you make your own Codesters program. You get all the Codesters drag-and-drop and sprite libraries. Note that Codesters does not support all of python, though. is a lightweight in-browser editor for standard python (no drag-and-drop or sprites, but code you find on the internet will work).

CS Impact Project: Work

  • Make handlers fill templates with values.
  • Hook up a local database when it is ready.
    • Use handlers to fill templates with values from the database.
    • Use forms + handlers to put values into the database.
  • See BookCollection and previous weeks' slides.

See you next week!

Don’t forget to be awesome!

Newton GWC, Tuesday Section, Week 21 (2017-03-07) - Google Slides