Annecy CWP Meeting Parallel Session

27 June 2017


Today’s session key points

  • Content of our chapter
  • Writing of our chapter
  • Collaboration with industry and other sciences
  • Roadmap for the near and less near future

Live notes:


Chapter content

  • We have the general key ideas in place
  • Something has to be shaped further, specially from discussions with other groups:
    • Data acess:
      • In today’s Data Management session the issues of data granularity and how to store/retrieve/stream data have been addressed
      • The question was “Do we need the current file-based storage/indexing anymore?
      • I raised the key point from our WG:
        • currently, the event picking is very painful (at least in ATLAS)
        • An event-based indexing would be the optimal method for visualization
      • It was somehow agreed that the best option would be having different indexing/cataloguing methods for different use cases: e.g. tabular for analysis, event based for Visualization
    • Geometry:
      • Discussion should be done with the Simulation WG - parallel session on Wed 28th


Chapter writing

  • Now we should start the actual writing! (many of the other WGs have a first draft already)
  • First draft, a mere organized collection of all the topics we have raised during our meetings and topical workshops (links on last slide), can be found here:
  • Of course, feel free to add content to the chapter.
  • Also, to speed up things, feel free to sign up for writing the base content of one or more section, then we will complete them with input from everybody
  • What reasonable target for a first final draft? Mid-July would be OK?


External collaborations

  • Topic raised in today’s SW Development session, as well
  • HEP Computing is somehow self-contained:
    • We are many
    • We have many different skillsets
    • We have our own computing conferences (CHEP, ACAT)
    • Our time-scale is not always compatible with computer science or industry standards
    • Very often we search for partnership too late: intead of presenting them our problems, we present partial solutions to them, and we hope they help us in fixing the problems. It’s not really appealing for outsiders...
  • the outcome:
    • we don’t go very often to present to “outside” computing conferences
    • We don’t easily build collaborations with companies and/or other fields



  • Peter Elmer suggested to try to have a roadmap for the near&far future at the end of the session
  • Three key goals:
    • 1 year - demonstrators
    • 3 years - the ATLAS and CMS Computing TDRs
    • 5 years - towards the HL-LHC


Some useful links

Visualization workshops:

CWP Visualization Chapter:


Visualization - Google Slides