From Port To Port:

Your Boat Captain: Jamie Lessard

Instructional Technology Specialist

Nearpod Certified Trainer/Pionear



Make this a draw it activity


  • Create in Google Slides
  • “Nearpodize” …
  • Add extension

Or Create Directly in Nearpod!!!

What if I told you that you can actually create stations that will run themselves?

Teachers (Explore)

Students (excursions)

Jamie - Use your Own, or search the Nearpod “Explore” store!

“Hook Your Students”-Build Excitement for your lesson (VR Trip)

There are so many options!

Click on the compass to activate the planning sheet.

Transition Slide Title

Transition Slide Subtitle


Screencastify + Nearpod=



Have them create a iFake Text Message and share the link with you...

Youtube Playlist...

Other options for creativity:

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