Reaching Mastery with a Flipped “Gamified” classroom

Allison Birbal


What is Flipped Learning?

4 Pillars of Flip

F-Flexible Environment

Flexible space where students choose when and where they learn

L-Learning Culture
Shifting from a teacher centered class to student centered

I-Intentional Content

Optimizing classroom time for deeper understanding

P-Professional Educator

Provide relevant feedback and reflect on teaching

Where do I start?

  • I first heard about FL from my aunt
    • It’ll never work!

Where do I start?

  • I started listening to the (free!) podcasts on the Flipped Learning Website

  • I virtually “attended” Flipcon13

  • I watched a TON of other teachers’ videos

How to record videos

  • Doceri

How to record videos


  • Screencast-O-Matic

  • Camtasia

How to record videos

Record Screen

  • Screencast (Jing)

Record Self

  • Smart phone/

How to post videos

  • YouTube and Vimeo (students don’t have access at school)
  • SchoolTube
  • Edmodo
  • Blogs

No internet? No Problem!

  • No home internet?
    • Flash Drive
    • Watch at school (before/after, homeroom, etc.)
  • Did they watch it?
    • Quiz, notes (open note quizzes)
  • Didn’t watch video?
    • Re-watch in class

What do you do in class?

  • Experiments/Hands on activities
  • Go deeper (DOK 3-4) with content
  • Design own experiment

What do you do in class?

  • Tic Tac Toe Board

Student Mastery and LDC

  • Share Tracker

Student Mastery and LDC

Student Mastery and LDC

Student Mastery and LDC

Student Mastery and LDC

  • Rough Drafts in Google Drive
  • Shared for Peer Editing
  • Send link to Rough Draft with comments
  • Final Draft in Google Drive


According to Wikipedia:

Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems.



Missions (answer the essential question for the unit)

Quests (learning activities)

Experience Points (XP)

Level Up!


Health Points (positive and negative for behavior)

Mission Page

If you’re going to flip...

Practice in class…

Today we’re making origami frogs. Be sure you have a square piece of paper in front of you. I will award Bir-Bucks to the best frog!

Introduce Flipped Learning

This is how I introduce flipped learning to students. They soon realize they have to:

  • Pause the videos
  • Rewind the videos
  • Maybe even re-watch the videos

Students’ First Video all about me!

They practice watching the video outside class (with notes). Then come back to class and take an open note quiz.

Tips for your videos!

Make them engaging!

  • Be animated (even when you’re recording in an empty room)
  • Robot voice!?
  • Add bloopers or video footage from weekend trips!

How do your students feel about flipped learning?


Allison Birbal


Flipping Your Class: Enhancing Student Achievement-SREB - Google Slides