Wednesday, January 23


  • RL11.2: Determine the meaning of unknown words by using context clues.
  • RL11.1: Determine central ideas or themes of a text and analyze their development...

Objectives - SWBAT...

  • ...identify and define words within context.
  • ...identify and anlyaze a theme within a text.

Bell Ringer: Words Wednesday!

PHONES SHOULD BE AWAY! In backpack or in back pocket holder.

** Hand in your essay corrections to the basket.

*** Get out your Word Wednesday sheets.

TASK: ACT Prep - Reading

Complete the reading section of this test, circling the answers on your actual page.

*NOTE: On the actual ACT, you will have a corresponding bubble sheet to record your answers.


  • NoRedInk - Unit 6 Diagnostic is posted. Due Friday.
  • Read your independent reading books - 20 minutes/night. BRING BOOKS TOMORROW!

January 23 Wednesday - Google Slides