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James Tanner-

Ok, so since when do I praise a new program so effusively? the answer is that this program, The Family History Guide, addresses a need that has been floating around for years. In my experience, day after day, answering questions from patrons at the Family History and others, I have seen a need for this type of product. The Family History Guide is a structured, very professional and complete introduction to genealogy as well as the specifics of FamilySearch.org

Susan Maxwell

This is such a great tool for beginners, intermediates and advanced family historians. It holds your hand while it guides you through the learning process or even refreshes your skills. You have goals that can be tracked using tracker sheets so you know what you have accomplished and what you have to learn. FamilySearch and others offer such great material and this tool takes you first to some of the most important videos and documents to help you learn. . .This tool is for everyone!

Excerpt from The Family History Guide-Blog by Bob Taylor

“In December of 2014 I was volunteering at the new Sandy Granite Family History Center. I noticed that guests would often ask the same questions - some answers were covered in our quick reference guide, and some were not. I decided to put together a bigger reference - the Help File, a document with categories and links to documents on the Web.”

“Then I thought about how few of our visitors were taking advantage of the great family history videos available on the Internet, so I created the Video File - a document with links to videos on the Web.”

“But the two documents were not connected to each other ... what I needed was a central place to find resources, and step-by-step instructions on how to use them. I didn't want to create another link repository - those have been done, from small to large (think Cyndi's List).”

“I knew what I needed to do. I asked my brother John, a professional web deigner, to create a website that would be attractve and easy to use. My part as a professional technical writer and instructional designer, would be to create a learning flow that would layer the family history information well, so as not to swallow the family history learner in a sea of information.”


For Beginners, Intermediate

& Advanced Genalogists

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The following questions were asked by the Director of a large Family History Center in California. The answers are from Bob Taylor CEO- The Family History Guide, LLC.

Question: What else can you show me about The Family History Guide?

Answer: Let’s take a look at the Quick Link Feature in Project 4: Discover the United States. In the left side of the screen you see a list of the 50 U.S. States -These are Quick Links to search screens for records for each state.

A- Ancestry P=Findmypast H=MyHeritage

Let’s look at the Ancestry Records for Louisiana. Just click on the A to pull up the records instead of navigating several Ancestry Screens to find the Louisiana search page.There are Quick Links for most of the 35 country pages in The Family History Guide.

The Quick Links are neat!

Question: Is there a way to track what I have been working on in The Family History Guide?

Answer: Yes! Click on the Project Tracker link on the left side of any Project Page. This downloads a word processing file you can use to track your status on each Choice for each goal in the Project.

Question: Now I’m really interested to see if we can use The Family History Guide to train Family History Consultants and help patrons at our Center.

Answer: We will soon be completing a training program on the Family History Guide at the Sandy Granite Family History Center. Over 50 Family History Consultants will be trained so they will be ready to help patrons use it. Imagine a scenario like this: a Family History Consultant is helping a patron, when a second patron asks a family history question. The Consultant quickly refers the second patron to a pertinent section of The Family History Guide, and when the Consultant returns to help the second patron, the reply may very well be, “Thanks - I’ve got it now.”

You may want to look at their Facebook page to check on the latest information https://www.facebook.com/TheFamilyHistoryGuide They have a link there to a pdf document on using the Guide

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go to http://www.thefhguide.com/get-started.html and become familiar with it!

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