Venue Considerations


* Plan for a whole group meeting place to start, regroup in between sessions, and wrap up.

* Use colored table cloths (Dollar Tree) around the room to designate meeting areas for break-out sessions. These colors will correspond to the colors on your digital/ posted schedule.

* Check out our event photos here!

Tech Considerations:

*Projectors *Walls/ Screens

*Backup Devices. Have a few devices available for participants who run into problems with their devices or have a battery die mid-session.

*Wireless Access Points- How many participants can it handle? Ask someone in the tech department. Ask for more if needed. Don’t use the venue if it can’t accommodate. We’ve had this happen… it’s ugly!

*Web Filtering- Actually go to the venue and surf the web before the date of your event. That’s the only way to know you can’t access something because of some weird web filtering setting. No one will tell you if you ask! We have had to change venues when an IT dept. couldn’t change the filtering for us.

Venue Considerations - Google Slides