Please get out your planner and a pen or pencil.

Open your planner to the week of October 30.

1 minute

What is bullying anyway?

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.

Allow students enough time to read.

60 seconds Enough time for students to read - no discussion necessarily needed

Think of a time when you were bullied or witnessed someone else being bullied.

In the ‘This Week’ area of your planner write down 3-4 words or phrases that come to mind about that experience.

3 minutes

Prompt students to think about how they felt: sad, lonely, desperate, mad, …

It really hurt that my friends laughed. It made me sad that people watched and no one helped. I felt like I was the only one it was happening to.

As a group, have students share the words/phrases that came to mind.

Start at 47 seconds -stop at 2:36

In the ‘This Week’ area in your planner respond to the following:

  • How did the one woman stop the bullying?
  • What can YOU do, on this campus, to stop bullying in a nonviolent way?

Share your observations and ideas

3 minutes

The woman - asked if he was okay, physically moved, shakes his hand, begins to eat with him, responds to his question about if she had been bullied, tells him the ideal in the world would be if people would say, “Hey this is not okay.”

Nonviolent ways to stop bullying: step in physically, physically take the person who is being bullied out of the situation/walk them away, tell the bully it is not okay what they are doing, ask if they need help, tell an adult, ...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE reiterate the importance of students letting a trusted adult know if there is a problem going on so that someone can help. We ALL need help from time to time, especially to resolve misunderstandings, stop rumors, or to stop negative behaviors.


WCPD | Stop Bullying - Google Slides