Another *#C%* Vocabulary Show

No Expletives Allowed!

Vocabulary 13

Expletive (ek-spli-tiv) noun

an exclamatory word or phrase, often obscene or profane

If you think the quiz is a *%#
And now your grade’s in the ditch,
Go to,
Turn the vocab games on;
If words were gold, you would be rich

 (Dude, that’s doggerel)

Expunge (ik-spuhnj) verb

to strike out; to erase; to remove

Notice the pattern?

Vocabulary Word


English Meaning


Ex = Out

(as in take the road out)

a mass departure


Ex = Out

(as in fill-out)

exclamatory word


Ex = Out

(as in pick out the one to remove)

strike out; erase

Ex means OUT

Fecund (fee-kuhnd) adjective

fruitful; productive

Historical Moment
Ever heard the story about the pet rabbits in Australia?

Well . . . Bunnies are fecund.

Fecund frequently refers to the ability to bear offspring

(Venus of Willendorf fertility figurine, 24,000 BCE)

A fecund mind refers to an abundance of ideas

Festoon (fe-stoon) noun

a decorative chain or strip hung in a curve between two points

Festoon comes from Italian, festa (festival)

Fiasco ([fee-as-koh) noun

a failure

Some people create their own fiasco

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