Another *#C%* Vocabulary Show

No Expletives Allowed!

Vocabulary 13

I once had an aide in my room who was very offended by this - you’ve been warned. I think it’s a hoot


an exclamatory word or phrase, often obscene or profane

This is a fun time to explain cartoonists use of expletive marks

If you think the quiz is a *%#
And now your grade’s in the ditch,
Go to,
Turn the vocab games on;
If words were gold, you would be rich

  (Dude, that’s doggerel)

Photo from “The Big Lebowski”


to strike out; to erase; to remove

From Southpark. It is a recurring theme that Kenny gets killed, but pops up again soon

Notice the pattern?

Vocabulary Word


English Meaning


Ex = Out

as in take the road out

a mass departure


Ex = Out

as in fill-out

exclamatory word


Ex = Out

( in pick out the one to remove

strike out; erase

Ex means OUT


fruitful; productive

Historical Moment
Ever heard the story about the pet rabbits in Australia?

Well . . . Bunnies are fecund.

Our history teacher shared the story of rabbits introduced to Australia where they had no natural predator. They soon overran the country. Great connection across disciplines. The government of Australia built a hundreds of mile long fence to contain the rabbits. If you have not seen the movie “Rabbit Proof Fence” I highly recommend. Get your tissues for this history lesson.

Fecund frequently refers to the ability to bear offspring

(Venus of Willendorf fertility figurine, 24,000 BCE)

A fecund mind refers to an abundance of ideas


a decorative chain or strip hung in a curve between two points

Festoon comes from Italian, festa (festival)


a failure

Some people create their own fiasco

AFV always assures us that no one was injured. This is a good place to insert any school appropriate video that makes you laugh. Good luck. It took me hours to find something without expletives!

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