Getting Started with Mango Languages

A step by step guide

Tuesday | January 22, 2019

How many languages do
you need to know to communicate with
the rest of the world?

Just one! Mango...

(With a little help from your Hooksett Library card--and smartphone)

Thanks to Mango’s intuitive interface, it's never been easier to pick up a new language. Millions of people around the world use Mango’s engaging, self-guided courses to learn and grow at their own pace.

Why Mango Languages?

There are 23 officially recognized languages in the EU.

Meet John.

He recently opened a store where most of his visitors speak Spanish, making anything beyond a simple transaction a challenge.

A language barrier left John feeling lonely and hurt business.

Then, John discovered Mango Languages!

In a few weeks of using Mango Languages to learn basic Spanish, he’s now able to give them a friendly, personalized experience by understanding exactly what they need.

How Mango Works...

Mango Languages provides a self-paced learning program that teaches languages through relevant and topical dialogue using the four key components — vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture — for improving proficiency in another language.

Mango’s unique methodology features content and exercises crafted by expert linguists and language teachers that empower learners to comprehend, construct, and create conversations in the real world.

Building blocks that build up your proficiency

Intuitive Language Construction builds proficiency by beginning with a practical, real-life conversation. Each lesson breaks down full sentences into digestible pieces that are gradually rebuilt to reinforce the language structure and vocabulary.

New words are introduced with each conversation and woven into mastered phrases. The result — learners who are equipped to intuitively apply the language they’ve learned and confidently speak like a local.

Mango Languages Methodology

Relevant learning material

Relevant learning material

Relevant learning material

Relevant learning material

Quality, interactive audio

Quality, interactive audio

Quality, interactive audio

Quality, interactive audio

Learning a new language is just a small piece of the puzzle. In order to truly connect with others, you’ll have to be aware of social norms and faux pas. For instance: Think it’s okay to eat with your left hand in India? Eating is reserved for your right hand only! Mango sprinkles in cultural insights throughout the learning experience to better prepare you for real life situations.

Each Mango lesson begins with a culturally specific phrase or sentence, breaks it down into smaller pieces, then builds it back up as the lesson progresses. This process helps you learn grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and meaning intuitively. As you progress, you’ll discover how these simple pieces combine to form more complex structures, and eventually, conversation.

Mango challenges you to combine previously learned concepts to create new meaning on your own, which is exactly what you’ll need to do in the real world during conversations with native speakers.

Mango Conversations Tutorial

What you’ll need...

  • Active Hooksett Library card
  • Internet connected device

Getting Started...

  • Visit > Learn
    > Mango Languages


Getting Started...

  • Click/Tap on the Sign Up button in upper right hand side of page.
  • Choose a language.

Getting Started...

  • Create your own Profile with login credentials on the Mango Languages portal (The login and password will help you return to the exact point you left in your learning process. Or you can jump directly to the lesson you wish by clicking on "Start Learning"):
  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Zip Code
  • Library barcode
  • Password | Confirm Password

Most learners take about 20-40 minutes to complete one lesson, and approximately 3 months of daily study to complete a language Unit.



Mango Languages for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) running iOS 9.0 or higher

Mango Languages for Android phones and tablets running Android 4.2 or higher

Mango Languages for Kindle Fire 3rd Gen and above, Fire HD, and Fire HDX tablets


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