The Circle of Life

Elleen Hutcheson

Earth rise- A New Perspective

The spaceship earth really is traveling through

space carrying all the food, oxygen, water and supplies it has with it.

Carbon Cycle

Nutrients, atoms and compounds are recycled over

and over

Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen,

Nitrogen and Phosphorous- common

elements in all living things

The Water Cycle

The relatively small area at the

surface where life is found

Biosphere II in Arizona- The closed system


Aldo Leopold-

Author and naturalist

Told how everything

is connected

Oxygen, Carbon , Water

Nitrogen that dinosaurs

used are being used by us today.

You may have

a little bit of

dinosaur in your


You have a little bit of dinosaur in your

nose, right there in the bridge of your nose!

A dinosaur falls into the water

and is fossilized

The land goes through geological uplift, the bones

are now at the top of the mountain.

Dinosaur bones often become unburied and exposed at the surface

Erosion brings water and deposits-- a little bit of dinosaur bones, a little bit of calcium, down from mountains and high altitudes

Rivers drain and travel through

a system--eventually emptying

into oceans. They bring the water

and deposits on the trip.

Water from the

river is often used to irrigate the wheat fields.

Wheat takes us nutrients

from the ground and

it becomes part of the wheat

plant. The little bit of dinosaur was in

the water and now

Is part of the wheat kernel.

Wheat is taken to the mill and ground into

flour, flour is sent to the bakery and made into bread. That little bit of dinosaur is now part of that loaf of bread.

Trucks bring the bread to the store. You buy the bread at the store.

You use the bread to make a sandwich

Your skeleton is constantly

being restructured. Calcium and

other minerals are taken out and

put back in bone to keep it


That little bit of

dinosaur, that little bit

of calcium has made the

trip and is now part of


& You have a little

bit of dinosaur right

there in the bridge

of your nose.

You have a little bit of redwood, right there

in your patella.

A Redwood

tree in California. Although redwoods live for a long time, they die and eventually fall to the ground.

Trees fall and decompose. This process returns vital nutrients back into the environment to be used again.

Natural processes of decay return these nutrients and atoms back to the environment to be used again and again.

Rain in the redwood

forest washes

particles ( a little bit of redwood tree) into the rivers. The rivers empty into the Pacific Ocean.

A little fish eats the redwood particle-- a bigger

fish eats it, a bigger fish eats it, etc-- then a

tuna eats the biggest fish.

Tuna are caught by commercial fishermen and sent to market. They are canned and sent to the grocery store.

You make and eat the tuna fish in a sandwich. It becomes part of your patella..

There are many

reasons to care

about the

environment and

the creatures

we enjoy.

Ecology and the environment tie into the economy

and into a nations ability to feed and take care of

it’s population.

Like a boomerang, problems we throw

away seem to come back to us.

Like a hula hoop that goes round and round, with

no beginning and no end.In ecology, what goes

around comes around. We think we have gotten

rid or a problem,but they tend to come back

when we least expect it.

Everything cost


How to take

care of our

trash is a BIG

problem facing

our society. But--

this is only ONE of

our ecological

problems that need

solutions. Clean water,

clean air, energy

needs-- are some


Landfills are like


Like filling up a

bucket-- it is not

bottomless. The bucket

eventually fills up and

we have to look

somewhere else on

how to get rid of

our trash.

We are all part of the solution. If we are not

part of the solution-- we are part of the


New careers and new challenges.

Science is providing answers and

helping us find new solutions.

Take a deep breath!! Who do you think

last used that oxygen?

Will that oxygen atom go to your muscles

and be incorportated for your lifetime??

Did the winds bring that oxygen atom

from Africa, Asia or Europe? Was that oxygen atom you sucked into your lungs last breathed by Napoleon--was it last used by a dinosaur??

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