What is wrong with current CAPTCHAs and how can they be improved.


  • What is a CAPTCHA?
  • How are CAPTCHAs and AI related?
  • What types of CAPTCHAs are there and how are they insecure?
  • What is our solution?

How CAPTCHAs affect the general public

  • Often used to protect secure servers, including e-commerce
  • CAPTCHAs protect the general public from identity theft and these higher prices


What is a CAPTCHA?

  • “Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart”

  • Differentiate between computers and people attempting to access a website


What has led to the faster rate of advancement in AI?

  • Attempts to break CAPTCHAs have expanded
    • AI hacks the newest CAPTCHAs
  • More AI research and development is being done
    • One of the largest fields in computer technology and even biotechnology


AI advancement (cont.)

  • Moore’s law
    • Computer capabilities increase exponentially, meaning AI today is potentially much better than even five years ago.

Recent AI advances

  • Computers are becoming increasingly able to outperform humans at cognitive tasks such as games
  • These advances showcase the increasing abilities of AI

How CAPTCHAs being broken would advance AI

  • CAPTCHAs are generally based on a hard AI problem
    • The security of CAPTCHAs based upon AI’s weaknesses
  • A broken CAPTCHA would mean AI had become able to solve this problem

Historical Relevance

  • This cat and mouse game to break/enhance cryptography has been going on for decades
  • When one force increases the security of their information, the other works harder to retrieve it



  • During World War I, there was a huge use of Cryptography
    • German Engineer created a code called “Enigma”
  • It was eventually cracked by Alan Turing, ending the war


What can we learn from Enigma?

  • This shows the constant battle between Code Breakers (Turing) and Cryptography (Enigma)
  • Similar to the relationship between AI and CAPTCHAs


Different types of CAPTCHAs

  • Text-based CAPTCHAs

Flaws in Text-based CAPTCHAs

    • Have been hacked by bots and are already being removed due to this issue
    • Accuracy of AI hacking text based CAPTCHAs 99.8%


2. Math CAPTCHAs

Flaws in Math CAPTCHA

    • Hackable because these are easily completed by bots

3. Logic CAPTCHAs:

- Identify the food in this list: asphalt, bacon, cloud, dagger

- What is the third word in this sentence?

Flaws in Logic CAPTCHAs

    • Easily hackable with bots
    • Difficult for some users


4. Image CAPTCHAs

Flaws in Image CAPTCHAs

  • The visually impaired or disabled cannot complete these
  • Hackable because there are codes that tag pictures

5. Survey CAPTCHAs


  • Often long and tedious to complete
  • Hackable because the bot must only answer some questions



Flaws in reCAPTCHAs

  • Have been hacked
  • Images can easily be tagged and this can be used to hack reCAPTCHAs
  • Bots can imitate how a human would move towards the box and can also have fake browser history
    • Not secure anymore


Decrease in spam and hacking

  • Spam has decreased over the last few years
    • CAPTCHAs gained an advantage over hackers
  • CAPTCHAs need to be improved

How can we improve current CAPTCHAs?

  • Corporations are constantly working on CAPTCHAs
  • Google has recently released a new CAPTCHA called reCAPTCHA


How can we improve current CAPTCHAs? (cont.)

  • CAPTCHAs should focus on what separates humans and computers

  • Humans are creative
  • Humans are imperfect


What is ARTT and why did we make it?

  • Art-Related Turing Test
  • CAPTCHAs are not up-to-date with the technology of AI
  • Many CAPTCHAs are not user-friendly
  • ARTT uses the differences between humans and bots
    • Humans are creative and imperfect


How ARTT works:

  • The user is told to draw “something to do with nature”, “a shape”etc.
    • This will require the user to think
    • Gives bots an immediate disadvantage

  • ARTT then identifies if the user has drawn the assigned “shape” or “scenery” etc.

  • Artificial Intelligence and neural networks


How ARTT differentiates between a human and a bot:

  • The statement requires basic human common sense and is ambiguous
    • For example, draw the instrument that tells the time

  • ARTT checks for imperfections.
    • A perfect shape is a bot since a human can never be completely perfect.


Advantages of ARTT

  • Interactive
  • Safe
    • Not easily hackable
  • Easy to use
    • Users only draw simple shapes
  • Cannot be easily manipulated
  • Every time someone uses ARTT, it becomes stronger
    • Even if bots try to hack it, the program becomes stronger and more difficult to manipulate
    • A lock that only gets stronger when you hit it
  • People have never used AI for CAPTCHAs


How other CAPTCHAs influenced ARTT

  • Picture CAPTCHAs
    • Inspired us to use art as bots are not creative
    • Picture CAPTCHAs do not have “interpret, then draw” aspect
  • Logic CAPTCHAs
    • Asking questions that bots cannot answer



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