Ramp It Up in Google Drive!

Enhance your Experience in Google Drive with Apps, Add-ons and Extensions

Presented by Kathy Sobeck, Director of Educational Applications and Training &

Miriam Parkinson, Google Apps Specialist and Google Certified Trainer

Fair Lawn Schools



3rd party developed tools

Adds increased functionality

Easy to manage

Add from Docs, Sheets and Forms toolbar

Add-ons: Easy to Install & Remove


Click Add-ons from Tool bar

Click Get add-ons

Choose Add-on and click


Click Add-ons from Tool bar

Click Manage

Select Add-on and click Remove

Add-ons: Openclipart

Library of over 50,000 images

Copyright clear images

Easily search from within Docs

Inserts image directly into your Document

Add-ons: gMath

Create math expressions & graphs

Use in Docs, Sheets or Forms

Includes LaTex & equation codes

Speech to Math option

Add-ons: DocSecret

Simple way to encrypt information in a Doc

Enter password and highlight text to encrypt

Text can be revealed when password is re-entered

Encrypted text shows in sidebar

Add-ons: Highlight Tool


Customize highlighter colors to identify supporting statements, important text, questions, etc

Highlight text in Google Doc

Highlighting can be exported to separate document

Add-on: Easy Bib

Easy Bibliography creator works within Google Docs

Automatically cite journal articles, books, websites by entering the title or URL

Select MLA, APA or Chicago format

Creates Works Cited at end of document

Add-ons: Envelopes

Format your document to a variety of common envelope sizes

Add Custom sizes too

Work from the cloud and print envelope from a Google Doc

Add-ons: Avery Label Merge

Merge text from Google Sheets onto popular Avery Labels and Name Badges

Insert a single graphic onto all the labels at one time

Only use as much text and as many graphics as can fit onto your labels, as Google Docs doesn’t display label lines

Merged files saved in Google Docs can be edited and printed at any time

Add-ons: Easy Accents

Add-ons for Sheets: Split Names

Split full names into several columns with First, Middle, Last Name in separate columns - even splits titles

  • recognizes over 40 titles

Choose the name parts and click Split to have the data pulled out to separate cells

Maintains the table structure

Add-ons for Sheets: Remove Blank Rows

Delete blank rows in a spreadsheet

Option to delete ALL blank rows, or

Only those specifically selected

Helpful when working in large spreadsheets

Eliminates scrolling through to find blanks

Prevents accidental delete of data rows

Add-ons for Sheets: Lab Scheduler

Ideal for periods or block scheduling

Use for Computer Labs, Laptop Carts, Specialized Equipment, and more….

Accommodates changing times, ½ days, or assemblies

Sheets arranged by resource

Add-ons for Sheets: Flubaroo

Helps you quickly grade and analyze performance on multiple choice and fill in assignments

Get scores for each student and identify students in need of extra help

View average score and a histogram of scores

Email scores to students with notes

Recent updates: extra and partial credit and question point value

Apps & Extensions - added functionality (free*)


Web based applications

View in Drive - New or can be added Apps Launcher in GAFE domain


Software programs that run in Chrome browser - run outside Google Drive

Icons integrated into Chrome browser toolbar

Apps & Extensions - Chrome Web Store

Apps: GeoGebra

Dynamic Math software that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing and statistics

Works as a graphing calculator for Geometry and Algebra and 3D Math

Free to use software for teaching and evaluation

Fully Interactive - fun way to see and experience math & science

Demo here

Apps: Quizlet

Simple tool to enhance studying

50 million free study sets (pre made), in various languages

Study modes including Flashcards, Scatter, Speller, Learn, Test and Space Race

Here’s a demo

App: Folder Notifications Free

receive notification of changes in a Shared Folder

enter Shared Folder url

click Start Notifications

receive email notification of changes

Apps: Cloud Convert (beta)

Online file conversion utility

Converts TO or FROM Google drive

Supports more than 200 different formats, including:

Audio, Video, Documents, Images, Spreadsheets, Presentations

Apps: Videonot.es

Watch video and take notes

Notes synchronized to video

Can click on note and view video segment related to the note and stop video to complete note

Fully integrated with Google Drive

Notes can be shared

Extensions: Clean Print

CleanPrint is a browser print tool

IE, Mozilla or Chrome

Allows you to “clean up” content before printing

Can reduce font size, eliminate images or add a note before printing

Extensions: Awesome Screenshot

Annotation tool for screenshots and pictures

Annotate with shapes, lines and text

Add Call Out buttons and Blur out sensitive information

Extension: Google Read & Write

Hear words, passages, or whole documents read aloud with easy-to-follow dual color highlighting

• See the meaning of words explained with text and picture dictionaries

• Hear text translated into other languages

• Get suggestions for the current or next word as you type

• Turn words into text as you speak

Extensions: Screencastify

Simple video screencast recorder that is able to record all screen activity, including audio

Great for video tutorials and presentations

Upload to Youtube OR save to Google Drive

Doesn’t rely on outside software (Java), so works well with Chromebooks

Free version allows up to 10 minutes of recording

Extension: One Click Timer

Adds clock timer to aid students’ time management

No need to open Smart Notebook to launch a timer

Can post in corner or full screen

Extension: Readability

Zaps clutter and saves web articles in a comfortable reading view

Disables surrounding clutter (ads, banners, etc)

Save to personal reading list or Kindle

Configure web content (font, color, size)

* Ideal for teachers sharing web content with students

Readability turns this into that

Extensions: Save to Classroom

Allows you to save sites to your Google Classroom classes

Just click the Classroom icon to save the site to your selected Google Classroom, to share with students as announcement, question or assignment

Requires a teacher account on Google Classroom for this extension to work

Removing Apps - 3 easy steps

  • Go to chrome://apps

2. Right click on app

3. Remove from Chrome

Removing Extensions

In Chrome browser, click menu

Select More tools and Extensions

Click to delete

Before recommending any Add-On, App or Extension to a student, please test it thoroughly and check with your GAFE administrator.

Presentation is here: www.fairlawnschools.org/techspo16

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