McKinney ISD goes

Transforming learning one app at a time.



  • Calendar, Drive (30 GB)


  • Gmail, Calendar, Drive (30 GB)


  • Gmail, Calendar, Drive (30 GB), Classroom, Sites,Chat & Hangouts
    • Google Docs, Presentation, Forms, Drawing, Spreadsheet

How will staff log-in?


McKinney ISD email address


Current MISD password

You will need to change your password the first time.

Log-In Directions for Staff


  • System Preferences
  • Users and Groups
  • Change Password
  • Wait 5 minutes
  • Go to:
  • Log-In (using current MISD email and new password)
  • Accept Use Terms

Log-In Directions for Staff


  • Ctrl-Alt-Del Screen
  • Change Password
  • Wait 5 minutes
  • Log-In
  • Accept Use Terms

How will students log-in*?


(XXX = last three digits of student ID number)

Password: Eight Digit Birthdate

(For every grade level)

*After September 29

Warning: After September 29

  • ALL student computer programs that use student ID to login will have a PASSWORD CHANGE.
  • Passwords will be students 8 digit birthdate


MISD Systems Passwords

From September 29 forward all MISD students will log-in to all MISD systems with s(Student ID) and eight digit birthdate.



Professional Development

  • What more would you like to see?
  • Today, lets go over and start using Google Docs!

Google Docs

What is it?

A better, collaborative version of word that automatically saves to your Google Drive (cloud) and is accessible from ANY computer or device.

How to use Google Docs

1. Login to your Google Account

2. Select the Apps button and find Drive

3. Press Create and select Document

4. Create as you would in word

How to share a Google Doc

1. Open the Doc you want to share

2. In the top right corner press the SHARE button

You can:

  • Share using the link
  • Share by adding specific user’s email addresses

Google Docs are Collaborative

  • Add comments
  • Chat in real time
  • Edit simultaneously

Lets get started

1. Share grade level September Planning Doc

2. Consider using this each week/month when planning lessons and activities

3. Think of it as a collaborative “scratch paper”

Who do I contact if I can’t log-in?

Technology Help Desk 2-4048

Technology Help Ticket (Eduphoria)

GAFE Roll Out Malvern - Google Slides