Bellwork Monday - Friday 3/25-29/19

Digital Bellwork

Each day you will complete your bellwork digitally, either on your device or a chromebook.

  • Get a device
    • Get your’s out
    • Get a chromebook
  • Access bellwork
    • Scan code (app or camera)
    • Through a browser, type in above
  • Complete form entirely
  • Click SUBMIT!
  • Write your I will in your agenda

Monday 3/25/19

Monday Madness

A. Hawks and Coyotes

B. Coyotes and Mountain lions

C. Squirrels and Hawks

D. Mountain lions and Antelopes

Which organism is considered a


Tuesday 3/26/19

Taco-bout-it Tuesday

Overharvesting or overfishing is taking more fish out of the ecosystem than can be replaced by the reproductive rates of the remaining populations. Discuss with your table partners how overfishing can be harmful to an ecosystem.

What would happen if the salmon

Were overharvested?

If the salmon were overharvested, I believe the puffin birds...

Wednesday 3/27/19

Writing Wednesday

Human activity affects natural systems through agriculture, urbanization, resource consumption, and pollution from waste disposal, energy production and climate change. Many of these activities can permanently alter ecosystems.

In at least 3 complete sentences, describe

How human activity can cause long term

Environmental changes, which can affect

Organisms over generations.

Thursday 3/28/19

Throwback Thursday

If there is a third quarter moon on

July 2, when is the next full moon?

  • July 9 C. July 16
  • July 23 D. July 30

Which of the following diagrams shows the next four moon phases in the correct order?

Friday 3/29/19

Finish the sentence FRIDAY…

Write each sentence and fill in the blank with positive or negative.

  • Artificial reefs have a ___________ effect on oceans.
  • Overfishing has a ________ effect on oceans.
  • Introducing invasive species has a ________ effect on oceans.

Bellwork #26 3/25-29/19 - Google Slides