Special Education

Extended School Year 2018

School Committee Presentation

November, 2018

Summer 2018


  • Historical Context-Medway
  • A Discussion of 2018
  • A View to the Future
  • Questions

Historical Context

Pre 2010 - Medway summer programming consisted of drop-in tutoring and Camp Sunshine for academics

2010-2011 - Medway summer programming consisted of a single, one size fits all, program and drop-in MS tutoring.

2015-2018 - Medway summer programming included:

  • PreK-3 classrooms focused on routines, and social, emotional, behavioral and academic skill retention
  • Gr. 3 - 4 classroom focused on social, emotional, behavioral and academic skill retention, coupled with a half-day off-site social skills programming
  • Gr. 4 - 12 tutoring in specific content areas and related skills
  • Specialized social skills programming in a summer camp environment
  • Specialized CIT programming for older students
  • Vocational support for older students throughout-placement vendors

Premise: All students regress, and recoup skills in first few weeks of school.

Purpose of ESY:

To provide only those services needed to prevent such substantial regression that students are unable to recoup their skills @similar rates as typical peers.

To provide services to students that require a comprehensive 12 month program in order to continue to make progress, as gaps in service are often devatstating to student progress.

2018 - By the Numbers

  • 64 students served, representing 68 % of those students recommended for summer

Services. This is the same percentage of students serviced in the 2016-2017 school year.

  • 88% of students received academic programming:

40% students 60% students

  • Comprehensive PreK-K classroom Grouped Tutor (5 sections)
  • Comprehensive gr. 1-3 classroom Summer Social Skills/Behavioral Support Camp
  • Comprehensive ILC classroom
  • Staffing: 8 teachers, 2 related service providers, 1 BCBA consult, 1 ABA therapist, 8 Paras, and 1 Nurse

97 students recommended. Presented a significant challenge this year as many students (20-30) were not recommended until the late spring. Need to figure this out. Created last minute expansion and then retraction (parent required to choose)

WE MUST be ready to sevice all, and parents can decide at the last week they want to attend and need transportation.

Comprehensive classrooms for students who require consistent routines and schedules, as well as instruction in order to prevent substantial regression and delayed recoupment.

Parent Feedback - Planning & Communication

  • 61% of parents responded found that communication prior to EYS beginning was helpful and timely. This is a decrease from 77% in prior years.
  • 65% of parents responded found the conversations about summer services during team meetings was helpful and informative. This decreased from 87% in prior years.
  • 70% of parents responded found the communication about summer transportation was helpful and timely. This increased from 64% in prior years.
  • 82% of parents responded found the communication about student progress informative and timely. This increased from 74%, with an increase in approval of off-site programs from prior years.

N of 1 = 4%

Back it up and investigate find:

Wait and see during IEP team meetings, lack of response impedes final decision making (example of havig to ‘do away’ with tentative classes and consolidate for realistic classes

Keeps us from sending it out in a timely manner, keeps

35 % found it not happening

Parent Feedback - Site Coordination

  • 90% of parents responded found day to day communication with the site coordinator was timely and appropriate. This is a decrease from 94% in prior years.
  • 90% of parents responded found that the site coordinator was responsive to their questions and concerns. This is a decrease from 97% in prior years
  • 78% of parents responded found that the types of communication with the site coordinator were appropriate. This is a decrease from 97% in prior years.

N of 1 = 4%

Update: Program sustainability of LBLD,

Parents: SEPAC presentation

Staff: 20+ at PD in year 1

Students: service delivery school developmental level specific, move up to the HS (4)

Working out metrics, currently Dibels at Memorial and anecdotal informaiton, MS has reading level and rubric based assessment,

and will come back to share with you at the end of the year what we have learned, what our thoughts are about sustainability and what the data show and what our next steps are. Important part of this conversation is the Inclusion/Co-teaching discussion that will be aprt of our next evlauation


Meeting the individual needs of children- transportation, staffing, varied service delivery, lack of response and late sign-ups requires classroom alterations up

until the week before summer programming begins.

Parents need full day coverage- many parents have to decide

between daycare, camp and academics. Some families are not

able to coordinate multiple activities during the day, and are

choosing a full day option (camp). This practical decision has an

impact on student progress.

Site Coordination- varied site coordinators makes it difficult for parents to know who to speak with, and where to take concerns

Mandate at odds with family needs

A View to the Future

  • Transportation - Continue improvement and work towards early parent registration so that transportation, route configuration and parent notification is timely.
  • *Communication - Work with IEP teams

to articulate summer programming

needs during every annual meeting

(current survey shows 84.2% favorable).

Ensure earlier communication to

Parents by ETS/liaisons (February).

*updated from original packet

Last year...wait until spring meeting was a standard refrain, caused us to expand to 12 classrooms/sections and ultimately collapse to 8 teachers, 9sections

This year...IPAD survey finds 19 of 26 responded...84.2 agree or strongly agree %, 100% neutral to strongly agree

A View to the Future

  • Communication/Coordination - Ensure that IEP teams are discussing summer options during team meetings, and not saving the conversation for the spring. Reevaluate the on-site coordinator position in response to decrease in parent satisfaction. Continue to support on-site coordination and management of Medway-based summer programs.
  • Partnership Plan with Camp Sunshine; investigate full-day options for grades 2-6; reduce the number of sites needing specialized behavior supports; better optimize staffing and better address parents needs for full day coverage.
  • July 9 to August 8, 2019 was the overall choice (82% 1st choice) for the 2019 EYS summer dates.

Full day: camp and academics keeps them from having to choose, funding structure and formula is a question


Medway Special Education ESY Presentation 2018-2019 - Google Slides