the impending doom of standardized testing, the clock running out on a school year with so much left to teach, or too much time without sunshine after a long winter. standardized tests are approaching and I like to pass a lot of judgement. I feel like my students have not been properly prepared to do well on this test and I tend to judge myself harshly for it. This kind of negative self talk can cause a great deal of stress. Try this leaves on a stream cognitive diffusion exercise if you are struggling with negative self talk:

Being a teenager can be such a difficult time. As a person that observes teenagers both in my personal and professional life, I have seen them struggle with out of control emotions, changing bodies that can cause physical pain or discomfort, negative self-talk, and a general inability to focus on what is important. Why not give them the tool to help them deal with these changes: mindfulness.

Getting Buy-in



Students need to see you practicing mindfulness. If you play a guided meditation for them and then busy yourself grading papers or answering emails this tells them that you believe mindfulness isn't a good use of your time. If you want to get "buy-in" from teens, it starts with you.

Reverse Psychology

Try a little reverse psychology. Use the TEDxYouth Lesson to highlight the message that something awesome is being kept from them that others (celebrities, pro athletes and highly successful CEOs) are taking advantage of.

some students that just didn't "buy in" to it. They would giggle, goof around while my eyes were closed, fidget and make noises that distracted others who were sincerely trying to focus on the sit. After teaching some of the following lessons, I have buy-in from almost 100% of my class.


Why aren’t we teaching you mindfulness?

Why aren’t we teaching you mindfulness?

TED Talk 4C’s Organizer (Handout)

Why aren’t we teaching you mindfulness?

4C’s Graphic Organizer


TED Talk 4C’s Organizer (Handout)

Status Check

Status Check

Before/after sketchnotes, tell a friend

See all of the student responses HERE

Padlet and this https://soundcloud.com/mindful-life-project/sets/mindful-thinking

If they don't feel differently after doing a mindful sit that is a great learning opportunity for everyone.

Why don't they feel differently?
Why were they not able to get into the sit?
Was it the wrong sit?

The before status check can help you to choose the right sit.

Take Advantage of Tech During SBAC

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Take Advantage of Tech During SBAC

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