Using Green Screen in the Classroom

Presented by Katie Maddox and Rachael Kapousidis

Our Presentation:

Material Ideas for Green Screen Creations


Cloth Green table cloth

Painted Pizza Box Green tent pods


Tri-fold Science Board

Green Playdough

Material Ideas for Green Screen Creations

Other Supplies

Green straws/painted skewers

Legos/bitmojis/colored pictures

Printed pictures

Costume props

Green socks/gloves

Project Creation Ideas


Retelling events in history

News Anchor reports on events

Weather Reports

Book Reports--Retelling stories

Reader’s Theater

Project Examples created by Students

Conflict Resolution skits

This class filmed Thanksgiving Poems.

What Ideas do you have?

Green Screen Apps for iPads and Chromebooks


Green Screen by Doink ($2.99)

Veescope Green Screen Full ($2.99)

#Stikbot Studio


WeVideo (free basic version)

Upgrades as low as $5.99/month

**More suitable for middle/high school


Do Ink

Do Ink


  • How do I save?

Click “save” beside the green triangle, wait for the video to export, and then choose from three options.

  • How do I fix my green screen not looking clear?

Adjust the quality of the background and the lighting.

Consider mounting your iPad or iPhone.

Experiment with the chroma key and sensitivity settings (looks like a rainbow wheel).

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