1:1 Home Use Orientation



Important Information

  • Laptops must come to school every day with a full charge

  • Chargers are to be kept at home

  • If the charger is lost, you are responsible for purchasing a new one through the district

  • Loaners can not be given for computers forgotten at home

  • Computers must go home everyday

Important Information

  • Gaggle (works with Gsuite) and iBoss (internet filter) for student’s protection

  • Students may not download software/applications, media (including songs, photos, videos) without a district employee’s approval.

  • Students MAY NOT replace the provided operating system on the laptop with any custom software or applications.

  • Students MAY NOT remove or modify any district-installed software/applications.

Basic Care

Some Basic tips to Ensure your Computer Runs Well

  • Before closing the screen, check for pencils, earbuds, books, etc
  • Shutdown the computer at the end of each day
  • Keep food and drinks away
  • Laptop should be transported to/from school in a backpack. Be careful with the backpack, remember there is an expensive device in there

Using Away From School

  • Set up a designated place at home for charging your laptop
  • Computers are filtered the same at school and at home. Social media sites and sites with inappropriate content are blocked.
  • If you cannot connect to the wireless, restart your computer.
  • All computers must first be logged in at school or they will not work at home.

If You Have Problems

  • Notify your homeroom teacher and they will give you a form to fill out to get it fixed. Computers will be dropped in the library.

  • If a laptop is suspected to be stolen, inform your homeroom teacher immediately and a police report will be filed with SKPD by the school.

Digital Citizenship

Free Wifi Locations


El Fuego 344 Main Street

True Brew Cafe 213 Robinson Street

Starbucks 600 Kingstown RD

Java Madness 134 Salt Pond Rd

Panera Bread 160 Old Tower Hill Rd

Staples 160 Old Tower Hill Rd

McDonalds 160 Old Tower Hill Rd

Subway - Benny’s Plaza

Meldgie’s Restaurant -Main Street


Hampton Inn 20 hotel drive

Brewed Awakenings 60 South County Commons Way

URI Area

John E Jack Meade Stadium Keaney Ave

URI 14 Upper College Road

Dunkin Donuts - 8 Ranger Rd

Bagelz 99 Fortin Rd


Dunkin Donuts -94 Pt Judith Rd

Maury Loontjens Library 35 Kingstown Rd

Cool Beans Cafe 18 Kingstown Rd

Public Libraries

Kingstown Free

Peace Dale

Robert Beverly Hale

Student 1:1 Home Use Orientation - Google Slides